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Google Free Music Streaming launched ahead of Apple Music debut


Google understands competition and when it comes to rival Apple, things can get a bit more personal. Yesterday, Google launched their free music streaming option in the Google Music Service in the hopes of getting ahead of the competition.

The free version of the Google Music service is live and will only cost the free users limited skips, ads and no offline plays. The monthly subscription of the paid version of the music service is currently at only $9.99, which is not really that much.

On the other hand, rival Apple is also planning to release similar service which will cost same as paid Google music service. Apple monthly subscription will cost $9.99 per month whereas a better package for the whole family will cost 14.99 dollars.

The only limitation for the Google free music streaming service is its operational area. Currently, Google free music streaming is only available within the United States, although according to sources, the service will expand to other parts of the world in the near future.

The main aim for the Google free music streaming is to entice the free users to buy the paid version, though it will be funded by Ads while Google waits.

According to Google, not many people like to purchase a subscription-based music streaming and the number one aim for their platform is to entice those people.

The free version of Google music service will act as a gateway for paid customers, i.e., potential customers.

Services like these are not new to anyone who is on the internet for some time. There is free music streaming services online and even established music streaming brands like Spotify also offer free music streaming services.

Google also aims to curate playlists and it’s more human-oriented than machine learning oriented. Many other companies are also preferring a human touch, for example, Twitter will offer human curated tweets for their users.

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WhatsApp enables voice-calling for Windows Phone


WhatsApp, the most popular chat app on mobile has finally landed their voice-calling feature on the Windows Phone platform. The video-calling feature has been active on other mobile platforms for few months now.

With WhatsApp voice calling feature on Windows Phone, many users can now take advantage of making voice calling over mobile data or Wi-Fi. This feature is technically known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

The version of WhatsApp which supports voice calling on Windows Phone is Voice calling is not the only new feature that is released with the update.

Non-Windows phone users can now send audio files to their friends easily. The option of sending audio files was previously present in Windows phone’s WhatsApp version.

If you are thinking of downloading the update, you can go forward and download the update from the Windows Phone Store.

Many small changes were also added in the update. They have clearly mentioned how you can not use their WhatsApp calling for emergency services, such as calling 911 or ambulance.

With this update, the WhatsApp voice calling has been made available to all the major platforms. The major platforms include Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry 10.

Many windows phone users might find the feature useless as there are reports of bad call quality of WhatsApp.

Other users are advocating the feature as it gives them the option to call their friends for free. Well, opinions do matter, but we hope that the voice quality increases in the near future.

WhatsApp is no stranger. It is one of the highest used chat messenger on the internet with over 800 million monthly active users, it is only bound to grow from here.

In other news WhatsApp has been reported for the worst privacy features.

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Samsung Computers quietly installing a Program that Maliciously disables Windows Update


Samsung have been alleged to be stealthily installing unwanted software to its branded computers which seems to disable Windows update on such computer.

According to a Microsoft forum post, a Microsoft MVP found out how a background service installs an unwanted program secretly that disables Microsoft’s Windows update automatically.

If you are using a Samsung computer, you should be familiar with the “Samsung software updater tool“. The updater tool takes care of all the updates, including drivers and apps related to the laptop.

This kind of service is not new and all major laptop vendors, for example, Dell also use special software backup and update tool for keeping the computer system updated.

The main culprit in Samsung fiasco is the program, known as Disable_Windowsupdate.exe. The app/service back-doors to the system without anyone’s permission including the owner.

The program is not loaded to the Samsung computer at factory, but is secretly loaded to a users computer without their permission, probably when they connect online. To make matters worse, the Samsung Update tool completely blocks Windows update.

Even if the user re-enables Windows update, the tool will reverse it back to disabled, making this tool effectively a malware if you ask me.

To make the scenario much worse, the malware is download through a non-secure (i.e. non-HTTPS) server. The non-secure line can be used by a hacker for load malicious payloads, all without any permission requirements.

To check whether your Samsung computer is affected by the tool, type the following in the run dialog box. Run dialog box can be opened by pressing, Windows Key + R. Paste the following command in the Run dialog box:


If you find the program on your Samsung computer, you can remove it from your system through the Control Panel.

The flaw was first pointed out by Baker, a Microsoft MVP, who discovered the issue while trying to troubleshoot a PC that could not keep the Windows Update ON even after manual resets.

Samsung has seriously broken a lot of protocols and has also played with the users trust. Let’s hope that this bug gets fixed soon, most especially in time before the launch of Windows 10.

For it is not clear how extensive the issue is or which Samsung computers are affected, you can just check your PC using the solution above.

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Project Cars’ developer is already crowdfunding a sequel


With only one month of release to the original project cars game, the developers Slightly Mad Studios are aiming for yet another public crowdfunding. This time they are crowdfunding for the Project Cars Sequel.

According to the developers, the Project Cars sequel is aimed at making the game more awesome. The sequel will see an addition of more than 200+ courses, featuring the gravel, snow, ‘loose surface racing’ on dirt and much more.

In terms of graphics, the original game lacked dynamic lightning. The sequel will make sure that all the missing things are present. Other vital stats include 50 unique locations, covering 200+ courses.

The sequel has plans to add more game modes including HilllClimbs, Touge, Rallycross and more. In terms of cars, the game will see an addition of 200+ cars, ranging from 40+ varying vehicle classes.

The most impressive part of the sequel, as promised, would be the co-op career mode. The game will also introduce banned cars and will give the players almost everything they missed in the first part.

The co-op mode is aimed at players to play with their friends and family. It will help create an environment of fun and excitement.

Project Cars 1 was an awesome game and received good ratings from both critics and gamers across the gaming community.

In short, Project Cars 2 (hopefully) will see all the missing aspects of the first game. Customization will also be improved and players will be in more control compared to the first game.

Mad Studios are known for crowdfunding their games. The first game was also crowdfunding from the famous crowdfunding platform, KickStart.

This time, the only difference is the change of platform used for funding. They are using the WMD (World of Mass Development) platform.

Until now, the game is aiming at a funding goal of £7 million, out of which 250,000 Euros is invested by the studio themselves. Will they reach their funding goal? We only need to wait and watch.

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Gmail Undo Send feature finally sees the light after 6 years

Undo Send Gmail feature

Google has always endowed Gmail with some of the most unique and innovative features, and earlier today there was a big addition, the Gmail Undo Send option. Yes! you read that right.

Google initiated this program back in late 2009, when it was just in beta testing option in the labs. Since, the past few years, Gmail has introduced many useful options supporting both mobile and PC platforms.

The Gmail Undo Send feature enables any user reverses a sent email message within 5 to 30 seconds after clicking on the send button.

Once this is done, Gmail takes the user back to the compose email interface, where the user may then decide to edit and resend the message or simply cancel the process.

The Gmail undo send feature have been in the labs for the past six years. The user with this feature enabled in their inbox will have around 5 to 30 seconds of time, after pressing the send button to undo the send.

After the update, you would be delighted to see the “Undo Email” flashing in the main screen of your electronic platform.

Google, in the I/O 2015 conference last month, introduced this system in public along with other functions like the swap to delete emails and attaching a custom signature on the sent mail etc.

The feature will enable Gmail users undo mistakes. Many of us, unknowingly send a wrong email to the wrong address or a wrong email to the right address.

The Gmail Undo Send feature will definitely put more power in the hands of users. The days email messages being final once you press the send button is over.

To enable the feature, you need to go to settings and enable “Undo Send”, and also set the time frame for which the undo button will remain active. Currently, there are four options to select from — 5,10,20,30 secs.

Surely, a great news for frequent Gmail users.

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Bing Video Search upstages Google with better YouTube Search Experience


Microsoft Bing is a lost world for many of us, but if you are a video lover you have to admit how super awesome the latest Bing video search update really is.

YouTube has always been the favorite video streaming destination for many people online. But you need to reconsider your favorite video searching destination for now.

Google search engine has been popular for searching anything including image, content or video. With Microsoft latest update on its video search with tons of new features, Bing might become the favourite destination for video lovers.

The Bing Video search has been all ramped up and comes with tons of features. The most amazing feature of the new update is the way Bing video search offers small video preview when you hover the mouse over the selected video.

The search is now more refined with the larger, easy-to-find and identify video thumbnails.

Bing Youtube search engine now comes with tons of vital information for identifying the right video. You can compare with all the suggested video’s shown below the main video search section.

Moreover, the Bing search also showcases the upload date, view count, and the uploader.

All the information will help you take the right decision. If you are still not sure which video is best suited, you can just hover over the video to see a small preview. Pretty neat feature!

The Bing video search will further refine your experience if you choose to search music. On the top section of the search, you will find all the related music for quick access and below it you will find video or music suggestions.

To make the search more relevant, the best result will be shown at the top left corner of the screen, occupying more screen compare to other results.

All of these results are pulled off from different sources on the internet and there is no doubt that Bing video search algorithms win this time.

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Windows 10 Insiders will receive the final build for free

windows 10 insiders

With Windows 10 release drawing near, it is quite evident that everyone is excited and waiting patiently.

Few days back, Microsoft came up with the news of letting all their Windows 10 insiders have the final build upcoming operating system free. The announcement came on the official Windows blog, and clearly stated how the Windows 10 Insiders will gain access to the full build on release date.

So, how does the program works?

It’s simple. The Windows 10 insiders need to keep the Windows 10 insiders preview installed on their machines. Once the Windows 10 is released, they will receive the RTM, i.e., release-to-manufacturing build through the windows update.

For the update to process, the computer should be connected with the Windows 10 insiders account. Anyone, who is currently not enrolled in the Microsoft 10 insiders program, needs to enroll in the account and then download the insiders preview on their computer.

Windows Insiders are a popular group on the internet as they are public testers to all the products released by Microsoft.

The need for the account connectivity is for the sole reason to check that only the insiders get the full version and not the other way around, where people try to download the insider preview to gain access to the full build.

There is no doubt that Microsoft’s new approach is seen as an important way of finding new Insiders for their current and future projects. Whatever may be their intentions, the main beneficiaries are the consumers.

The latest version of the Windows 10 comes with Microsoft’s new browser, Edge. It also includes the Cortana and other pre-final build features.

So, if you are interested in gaining access to the final Windows build, get enrolled in the Microsoft’s Insider preview.

However, users with Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 need not join the preview as they will all get free upgrades to Windows 10 once it becomes available.

Windows 10 will also be their last Windows major release as Microsoft will be shifting to incremental updates similar to the Apple MAC OS.

Update: Microsoft have made some clarification on how the program, works. For Windows 10 insiders to continue getting the new OS free they have to remain part of the Windows 10 insider program, once they leave the program, they will need a license to maintain their Windows 10 on their machine.

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Amazon adds Machine Learning For Better Product Reviews


According to CNET latest news, Amazon is looking to overhaul the product review system at the online store with the help of machine learning algorithms that will turn up more helpful reviews.

The changes are currently being made on the platform and will slowly surface better reviews for both customers, according to the report.

According to the spokeswoman, Julie Law, the most useful reviews will surface more often than other reviews.

The algorithm will filter out fake reviews, bad first-day reactions and out-dated reviews and will take some time to make some real-world effects.

To make the review system work better, the machine learning algorithm will give prominence to newer reviews by verified Amazon buyers and also the reviews that other users find more useful, i.e., voted it up.

The whole system will see changes and the older product reviews, which are basically average of all customer reviews, will see the real change.

In short, relevant product reviews will find better place compared to non-relevant ones.

Furthermore, the new machine learning algorithm will highlight the new product changes and will surface the latest reviews on the modified or latest version of the product. This will keep the current buyer informed and not rely on older reviews for the purchase.

With the new system update, more products will see better reviews which are relevant to their current state, covering all the new changes accordingly.

Amazon is currently loading the new review systems in United States, though for now there is no current plan for expanding to other countries.

The changes are inevitable as the current product review system is full of flaws and is exploited easily by paid reviews. The machine learning algorithm will take some time to learn and become more efficient in the as time goes on.

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Wiko Ridge 4G Launches in Nigeria, Available from Today

Wiko Rigde 4G

Europe’s fast growing mobile brand, Wiko is launching a new smartphone. Wiko Ridge 4G launches in Nigeria today and will be available in retail stores in the country.

Ridge 4G comes in a super-light and slim elegant design with superfast 4G LTE built-in for seamless streaming and superfast download.

A Brilliant Display

The Ridge 4G offers a full-laminated 5-inch IPS screen protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The display looks brilliant with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution.


With its Sony lens and Philips flash, the 13-megapixel main camera guarantees great shots, whatever the conditions. What about selfies? The 5-megapixel front camera is your perfect ally.

Wiko Ridge 4G sports the efficient 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor clocked at up to 1.2GHz. Add the generous 2GB RAM and a smooth experience will be a given.

Wiko Ridge 4G is loaded with Android 4.4.4 with a simple brand UI on top. The smartphone is available in is also available in Black and Grey, Black and Bleen, Black and Clementine, as well as Arctic Gold.

Speaking on the launch, Channel Marketing Manager, Wiko, Mr. Adebayo Adams said that by introducing Ridge 4G into the Nigerian Smartphone market,

“Wiko has again demonstrated its commitment to consistently offer varieties, freedom and quality to everyone in Nigeria”.

Ridge 4G is coming about two months after Wiko unveiled the Wiko Getaway, another sleek smartphone in the Nigerian market.

Ridge 4G will be available in retail stores in Nigeria starting today and will be going at a price of 45,000 Naira.

The Wiko brand launched in Nigeria in October last year with its array of phones which includes Wiko Highway, its flagship, Highway Signs, Rainbow, Bloom, Lenny, Sunset, Fizz and Goa, along with feature phones, Kar-3, Riff and Lubi-3.

All the Wiko phones, which are approved by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), come with the tagline, “Game Changer,” a message that appeals to the free-spirited, passionate, adventurous and independent nature of today’s youth.

Twitter Project Lightning is here, Humans are Taking Over

twitter project lightning

According to Twitter official blog, Twitter is planning big changes on how the news feeds of Twitter users are populated. Project Lighting promise a human curated news feed for a more engaging experience.

Social Media platforms have always been the topic of news media and today Twitter is offering the biggest of them all with the new Twitter Project Lightning.

The event based manual feed generation aka Twitter Project Lightning can create new excitement around the struggling Twitter platform, which in recent times have failed to attract new customers due to crappy news feed, which was populated with irrelevant posts.

Twitter Project Lightning will offer new editorial content for the twitter feed, all divided according to the topic, such as World Cup or an important news like a terrorist attack.

The need for the algorithm will be minimised and the content on the Twitter news feed will be filtered by human editors who will choose the best audio, video or photos for the relevant event.

The human touch will finally give a new path to the limited growth of the Twitter platform and many will find the Twitter feeds more relevant and useful.

On the other hand, Facebook users still complain, how the algorithmic feed fails to deliver the best topic out there.

To add to the story, the venture capitalist and Twitter investor has encouraged the twitter team to implement the project and hire more human editors during the tenure.

With other tech giants moving towards human needs (Linkedin and SnapChat), it is quite evident that machines always need a human touch before being released for the humans.

Compelling stories can be identified by the algorithms, but the story changes completely when the time comes to pick up the best piece for the event.

So, what do you think about the new Twitter project lightning? Will it change your perspective towards twitter or you are still going to stay away from the platform? Comment below and let us know.