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Umidigi Deals on AliExpress 828 Mega Brands Sale

Umidigi AliExpress 828 Mega Brands Sale

AliExpress 828 Mega Brands Sale of the year is now live. From August 21 to August 27, mobile brand UMIDIGI will be offering amazing deals (up to 52% off) on its smartphones on AliExpress 828 Mega Brands Sale 2023. These offers are available on both their premium and entry-level phones. Here are some of the best AliExpress 828 Mega Brands Sale 2023 deals from Umidigi that you don’t want to miss.

The New UMIDIGI A15 / A15C

Umidigi A15 Series

The UMIDIGI A15 stands out as a photography-oriented smartphone with a smooth, glossy design. The device is equipped with an elaborate triple camera setup – featuring a 64MP primary lens, complemented by an 8MP ultra-wide angle shooter and a 5MP macro sensor. Accompanying this is a 16MP selfie camera.

With its large 6.7-inch HD+ screen, the UMIDIGI A15 provides high-quality visuals backed by the robust T616 octa-core chipset. The phone’s stamina comes from its 5000 mAh battery capacity that also supports 20W fast charging. The Umidigi A15C features a T606 octa-core processor instead.

Complementing these features are the 8GB RAM and 8GB virtual RAM and sizable inbuilt storage of up to 256GB for all your multimedia needs. Notable extras include NFC functionality, provision for type-C to type-C USB connectivity, handy hotkey for quick access functions and even an FM radio feature which doesn’t require headphones to be used.

Buy UMIDIGI A15 at $139.99 | Buy UMIDIGI A15C at $129.99

UMIDIGI G2 Tab Kids / G1 Tab – Budget Gift for You and Your Kids

The Umidigi G2 Tab Kids is specifically crafted as a tablet for children. Both the G1 Tab and G2 Tab Kids models are equipped with 8MP back and front cameras, dual stereo speakers, along with a durable battery of 6000mAh, extended RAM of 4+4GB and an internal memory of 64GB.

Umidigi G1 Tab

What sets the G2 Tab Kids apart is its robust EVA protection case and specially designed apps for kids which guarantees both safety and interactive engagement for youthful users.

Buy UMIDIGI G2 Tab Kids at US $99.99 | Buy UMIDIGI G1 Tab at US $79.99

The New UMIDIGI G5 Mecha Rugged Phone

The Umidigi G5 Mecha exemplifies toughness in a sleek, ultra-thin design. It boasts a decent 6.6-inch HD+ display, enhanced by an impressive refresh rate of 90Hz. Powered by the T606 octa-core processor, it provides impressive capabilities with its 8+8GB extended RAM and sizable 128GB ROM.

Thanks to its IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD-810G certifications, the G5 Mecha stands as a trustworthy option for outdoor activities – it’s designed to withstand even the most severe conditions without faltering.

Buy UMIDIGI G5 Mecha at US $139.99

UMIDIGI G3 Max / G3 – Stylish Phone with Favorable Price

The Umidigi G3 Max and its counterpart, the Umidigi G3, both incorporate a premium leather-like design which enhances handling grip. A powerful 5150 mAh battery powers each device for a good battery life.

Sporting a larger 6.6-inch FHD+ screen, the G3 Max also boasts an ultra-clear 50MP camera, is driven by an Unisoc T606 octa-core processor and has expanded memory of 8+8GB RAM as well as large storage capacity with a 128GB ROM.

On the other hand, the G3 features a slightly smaller yet vibrant 6.52-inch HD+ display along with a solid primary camera of 13MP and comes equipped with extended memory options offering 4+4GB RAM in addition to ample storage space featuring a sizable ROM of 64GB.

Buy UMIDIGI G3 Max at US $119.99 | Buy UMIDIGI G3 at US $79.99

UMIDIGI A13 Pro Max 5G – the 2022 Flagship Phone

Launched last year, UMIDIGI’s flagship A13 Pro Max 5G smartphone is equipped with the latest 5G technology and delivers superior performance in every aspect. It comes powered by a robust Dimensity 900 octa-core processor that operates at a speed of up to 2.4GHz, coupled with an expanded memory of 12+12GB RAM and a spacious storage capacity of 256GB.

Furthermore, the smartphone offers a large screen display measuring 6.8-inch FHD+, complimented by an ultra-fluid refresh rate of up to 90Hz for a seamless viewing experiences. The device also takes photography to new heights thanks to Sony’s cutting-edge AI triple camera setup featuring a high-resolution sensor of up-to-64 megapixels for capturing impressive images.

The massive 5150mAh battery and 18W fast charging eliminate battery anxiety. The device also supports dual 5G SIM and Wi-Fi 6 and boots the Android 12 system to enjoy excellent 5G performance.

Buy UMIDIGI A13 Pro Max 5G at US $179.99

UMIDIGI G1 Max and C1 Max Entry-Level Phones

Umidigi G1 Max and Umidigi C1 Max

The UMIDIGI G1 Max and the Umidigi C1 Max are entry-level models that perfectly blend style with power. Powered by an eight-core Unisoc T610 processor and complimented with a potent combination of up to 6+6GB expandable RAM and 128GB ROM storage, they guarantee excellent stability in performance. This ensures ample space for your preferred apps without any delay in response time.

The camera configuration includes a premium quality 50MP primary lens on the back with an additional 2MP depth sensor offering high resolution imagery. Both devices are outfitted with a generous battery capacity of 5150 mAh, effectively eliminating worries about frequent charging.

They also come equipped with a large 6.52-inch display, which provides an immersive viewing experience like no other. For added security features, these gadgets incorporate side-mounted fingerprint recognition technology along with facial recognition unlocking capabilities and they run on Android 12 for swift yet secure handling.

Buy UMIDIGI G1 Max and C1 Max at US $99.99

UMIDIGI BISON 2 and BISON 2 Pro – Super Species of the BISON Series

The UMIDIGI BISON 2 and the UMIDIGI BISON 2 Pro are the highlights of the show and one of the bestsellers. These devices are equipped with a Helio P90 chipset, along with a 6.5-inch FHD+ FullView screen, offering an extraordinary digital user experience like never before.

They also incorporate an ultra-fast 18W charging system and boast of a robust battery capacity of 6150 mAh, effectively eliminating any worries about battery life. Being designed as durable smartphones, the UMIDIGI BISON series demonstrates resilience through its rugged yet stylish design coupled with IP68 & IP69K rating that ensures that you can use it even in harsh environments.

On the camera front, they sport a triple rear AI camera setup featuring an impressive resolution of 48MP. Moreover, they support NFC technology facilitating hassle-free cashless payments. The minor distinction between these two models lies in their memory configurations: BISON 2 has 6+6GB extended RAM and 128GB ROM, while the BISON 2 PRO comes with 8+8GB extended RAM and 256GB ROM.

Buy BISON 2 at US $149.99 | Buy BISON 2 Pro at US $179.99

UMIDIGI BISON X10 – The Most Valuable Rugged Phone of the BISON Series

Umidigi Bison X10

The UMIDIGI BISON X10 has two variants: 4+4GB extended RAM, 128GB ROM and 4+4GB extended RAM, 64GB ROM. Adopting a 6150 mAh large battery, BISON X10 can ensure you a super long entertainment time, bringing you endless joy in your life.

Featuring a 6.53-inch large full screen with a 20:9 aspect ratio, BISON X10 allows you to immerse yourself into whatever you’re doing. Powered by a MediaTek Helio P60 Octa-Core processor, BISON X10 highly fulfills your daily needs from multitasking to heavy gaming.

With IP68 , IP69K, and MIL-STD-810G rating resistance, BISON X10 is durable enough to withstand various harsh environments. Combined AG matte glass and rubber cushion, BISON X10 delivers a stylish look and comfortable hand feeling, while the rubber cushion protects your phone from most accidental drops.

In addition, BISON X10 sports many essential sensors including the barometer. Via a variety of outdoor toolkit apps, you can check various real-time information for adventures such as elevation, pressure, direction, position, and more.

Buy BISON X10(4GB+128GB) at US $102.83 | Buy BISON X10(4GB+64GB) at US $ 90.73

UMIDIGI A15 Series and G5 Series launches Third Quarter

UMIDIGI A15 Series and G5 Series launches Third Quarter

The UMIDIGI A15 Series and the G5 Series are scheduled for an official launch in the third quarter. The A15 series consists of models A15 and A15C, classified as mainstream smartphones under the UMIDIGI brand. On the other hand, the G5 series includes models G5, G5C, and G5A. Both the Umidigi G5 and the G5C are considered mid-level smartphones while their counterpart model, the Umidigi G5A is seen as an entry-level device within this series. Compared to the earlier A13 and G3 series models, these new releases offers a number of improvements not only in technical specifications but also in design aesthetics.

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The UMIDIGI A15 and the Umidigi G5 series are characterized by their appealing aesthetic, certain to attract a devoted following. Each line comes in five distinctive hues: Space Gray, Graphite Black, Pearl White, Jade Green, and Lavender Purple.

The striking appearance of both the A15 and G5 series is further enhanced by the AG matte compost material design employed for the back panel. The design not only looks visually pleasing but also imparts a premium feel to it.

Additionally, an added advantage of the matte finish on these models is its resistance to smudges or fingerprints that mar many other phones’ aesthetics. Both series showcase a glass-like effect at their top surface which creates an enchanting play of light reflecting different hues depending on ambient lighting conditions around them.

Another distinctive feature of the A15 and G5 series includes their exceptionally slim edges with thicknesses measuring 8.6mm (A15) and 8.8mm (G5) respectively ensuring they provide excellent hand grip comfort.

With regard to their screens, both the A15 and A15C come furnished with a notable 6.7-inch HD+ display, in contrast to the somewhat smaller 6.6-inch HD+ display on both the G5 and G5C models. On a slightly different note, the G5A model stands out with its own unique 6.52-inch HD+ screen size.

In addition to these specifics, all models are enhanced by ultra-thin bezels on every side which magnify visual content for an immersive viewing experience; making everything appear larger than life. Lastly but importantly, it’s noteworthy that both of our G5 and G5C models are designed with a refresh rate of 90Hz which facilitates effortlessly fluid scrolling on your device.

The A15 series offers a three-lens camera system at the rear, which includes a 64MP main camera (A15), a 48MP primary camera (A15C), an 8MP ultra-wide option, and a specialized 2MP macro lens. Conversely, both G5 and G5C models use identical dual-camera setups that consist of a powerful 50MP primary lens complemented by a detailed-oriented 2MP depth lens.

The budget-friendly Umidigi G5A offers users with its combination of a solid-performing 13 MP main lens along with another handy tool – the aforementioned dedicated depth sensing unit also measuring at two megapixels. This makes it an appealing option for its commendable image capture quality relative to its competitive pricing point.

The primary 64MP, 50MP, and 48MP lenses performed superbly, capturing vibrant shots in both daylight and low-light conditions.

The A15 is equipped with a 16MP front-facing camera, while its counterparts – the A15C, G5 and G5C – boast a slightly less powerful 8MP. Despite this difference in resolution, all are proficient in snapping flawless self-portraits.

The cameras are designed to keep the focus sharp on the subject while seamlessly merging the backdrop into itself for an effortless group selfie experience. Furthermore, they ensure naturally authentic skin tones and if you’re craving that Instagram-worthy shot, there’s no need to worry as built-in filters are at your disposal.

The A15 comes with the robust Unisoc T616 chipset that is flawlessly incorporated into its sleek exterior. This System-on-Chip (SoC) offers remarkable performance, nimbly managing routine tasks, including those related to gaming.

In contrast, the A15C and G5 are energized by the dependable Unisoc T606 which assures steady operation and optimum battery efficiency for daily usage patterns. Whether you’re launching apps or running several of them concurrently in background mode, a fluid functionality is guaranteed.

The G5C and G5A models feature the MTK G36 and MTK A22 chipsets respectively, promising an uninterrupted and agile user interaction during their operation.

The A15 boasts a generous 8+8GB of expanded RAM and a storage capacity of 256GB, ensuring ample room for all your essentials. When it comes to the Umidigi A15C, G5, and G5C models, they all come with an identical storage space of 128GB which enables you to store endless videos and photographs.

They are fitted with extended RAM capacities of 8+8GB, 8+8GB and 4+4GB respectively that guarantees uninterrupted performance during operation. The G5A model is positioned as an introductory-range smartphone equipped with a sufficient storage provision – an extended RAM of 4+4 GB along with a ROM capacity reaching up to 64 GB which will adequately cater to users who have basic needs without requiring vast photo storing capability.

In terms of power longevity, the A15 and G5 series both come with a robust 5000mAh battery that has the potential to last for ten days on standby, facilitate eight hours of continuous video playback and support fourteen hours of internet surfing.

The minor variation among these five models is in their charging competencies. The A15 model is equipped with a 20W accelerated charging feature while its four counterparts are furnished with 10W high-speed charging capabilities.

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Umidigi A15, A15C launches on AliExpress 828 Brands Sale with Giveaway

Umidigi AliExpress 828 Mega Brands Sale

UMIDIGI has a big announcement as they are about to kick start the worldwide debut of the remarkable Umidigi A15 and Umidigi A15C at the AliExpress Official Store. But wait, there’s more! UMIDIGI has lineup some giveaways that are bound to get you excited. This is a golden opportunity for you to score big and upgrade your technological lifestyle like you’ve never done before.

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Umidigi will be giving away ten smartphones during the event, which will run from August 10 to August 20, 2023. The gift package includes an equal number of Umidigi A15 and Umidigi A15C handsets – five of each. The first 200 buyers will also get a free gift with 100 Umidigi AirBuds Pro and 100 Umidigi Uwatch 2S/3S in the gift bag.

How to enter for the Giveaway?

  1. Follow and Favorite our new store: AliExpress Official Store and get a $2 coupon
  2. Add Umidigi A15 or A15C to your Cart, Click Here.
  3. Share with Umidigi the phones you like most and leave tags in the comment like: #Discover 828 Mega Brands Sale #, #umidigi A15#, #umidigi A15C#

Umidigi will select 10 lucky winners randomly. Umidigi will announce winners on August 31, 2023.


  1. The winner list will be published on 31st August
  2. The A15 and A15C come in two versions: version 1 and version 2. Both versions have identical specifications, with the only difference being the text imprint on the back of the phone

Visit our AliExpress Official Store and join our Global Premiere Sale event for a chance to win these incredible prizes. Don’t miss out on this exclusive giveaway.

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Rogbid Fan Fest: Rogbid Model X, Tank M1, and Tank S3 Unveiled

Rogbid Fan Fest

This season is bound to be exciting for smartwatch lovers as Rogbid Fan Fest kicks off. The smartwatch brand is introducing three new smartwatch models, and you’re certain to find one that perfectly suits your tastes and requirements. Let’s delve into the impressive features of each model.

Rogbid Model X

Rogbid Model X

Presenting the Rogbid Model X, a stylish and contemporary smartwatch with a built-in smartphone crafted to leave an impact. Its sophisticated design and high-quality ceramic construction exude refinement and resilience.

The 2.1-inch polished display offers breathtaking visuals and a smooth interaction for users. Equipped with a two-processor setup, it promises superior performance along with versatility.

Additionally, it is compatible with global 4G LTE bands for uninterrupted connectivity no matter where you are in the world. With its 4GB RAM coupled with 128GB ROM, there’s plenty of room for your apps, images, documents etc.

Treasure memorable instances using the dual camera system of 13MP+5MP resolution while staying energized with the durable battery capacity of 1050mAh. Moreover, take advantage of precise GPS navigation that ensures you never lose your way during escapades.

Rogbid Tank M1

Introducing the Rogbid Tank M1, a perfect companion for those with an adventurous spirit. Its sturdy design promises resilience in even the most demanding environments. The 1.45-inch round HD screen ensures that clarity is never compromised, even under direct sunlight.

Boasting over 100 sports modes, it stands as your ultimate ally in fitness endeavours. With its impressive battery capacity of 680mAh, it guarantees sustained connectivity and power throughout all your activities.

Designed with a touchscreen interface alongside four physical buttons for versatile interactions, it offers users an adaptable and intuitive experience. Break boundaries and stay connected on your adventures with the Tank M1.

Rogbid Tank S3

If you’re in the market for high-end technology and exceptional craftsmanship, the Rogbid Tank S3 is an ideal choice. It impresses with its IP69 water resistance and MIL-STD-810 certification, proving it can survive even under severe conditions.

The robust 680 mAh battery promises prolonged use without frequent recharging. The sizable 1.96-inch square HD display provides engrossing visuals to enhance user experience, while over a hundred sports modes cater to a diverse range of fitness aficionados. Leveraging Bluetooth 5.3 technology, it ensures quick and reliable connectivity with various devices effortlessly.

The Rogbid Fan Fest presents an optimal chance to explore their remarkable gadgets. Whether the sophisticated and robust Model X appeals to you, or perhaps the resilient and adaptable Tank M1, or even the superior quality of the Tank S3, there’s a Rogbid mobile that suits your way of life.

Make sure not to overlook this exhilarating occasion and witness firsthand the progression of cellular technology with Rogbid. To conclude, there will be a Giveaway draw as part of festivities. Come participate in all the excitement! Learn More.

Rogbid Tank S3: A Rugged Smartwatch

Rogbid Tank S3

Rogbid Tank S3 is new addition to the Rogbid smartwatch lineup and continues the company’s trend of delivering innovation. Rogbid has been making a significant impact in the smartwatch industry in recent time with their launch of two revolutionary models. The first one, Rogbid Model X, offers an innovative feature that allows users to slot in a SIM card and make calls, making essentially a smartphone on your wrist. The second one, the robust Rogbid Tank M1, boasts military certification for its resilience and strength.

The Rogbid Tank S3 stands out with its impressive features and eye-catching design. The Rogbid Tank S3 features a bezel crafted with powder metallurgy, a metalworking technique that involves blending, shaping, and sintering metal or alloy powders.

This technology offers exceptional precision and performance, finding wide applications in industries like automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. Not only does it enhance the watch’s resistance to corrosion and oxidation, but it also ensures improved stability and durability. And its larger rectangular 1.96-inch screen provides a spacious display for enhanced user experience.

Mirroring its contemporaries, the Rogbid Tank S3 integrates Bluetooth calling for seamless interaction via an inbuilt microphone and speaker. Notably, this progressive timepiece elevates itself beyond basic communication with an array of comprehensive wellness features through its Health Sensor.

Rogbid Tank S3 Health Tracking

Users can benefit from vital health tracking functions such as real-time heart rate monitoring, SpO2 level gauging, sleep pattern analysis, and blood pressure checking. Catering to fitness aficionados specifically is a broad assortment of over 100 sports modes that enable effective supervision and evaluation of their physical exertions.

The Rogbid Tank S3 comes with both dust and water resistance capability, thanks to its superior IP69 rating. This ensures the durability of the smartwatch, allowing it to perform optimally even under adverse and unpredictable environments.

Rogbid Tank S3 Smart Functions

Additionally, the smartwatch comes equipped with a plethora of user-friendly features such as instant notifications, phone locator function, reminders for inactivity periods, weather forecasting updates along with music and camera controls. It also includes timers, stopwatches and alarm functions.

Rogbid Tank S3 Battery

Designed keeping in mind users’ needs,the Tank S3 boasts an impressive battery capacity of 680 mAh that can run up to 15 days on a full charge while offering up to 75 days in standby mode – providing seamless operation throughout the day.

Rogbid Tank S3 is now available in three colors: Tach Black, Magic Blue and Sparkle Silver. Now, this product can be purchased directly from Rogbid’s official online store. To make things more exciting, Rogbid has launched its coveted Summer Sale wherein customers can avail up to a staggering 50% discount. This makes it the perfect opportunity for customers to grab the newest devices at unbeatable prices.

Moreover, they have introduced enticing buy one get one free deals on their popular models – the Rogbid King and Rogbid Mille. With every purchase of either a King or a Mille model, buyers will receive a complementary Rowatch 4 as part of the deal – this being an innovative smartwatch equipped with blood glucose monitoring features.

To add further excitement to your shopping experience, there’s also the chance to partake in their Giveaway drawing event – definitely something not to miss out on! Learn More.

Rogbid Summer Sale: Buy One Get One Free

Rogbid Summer Sale

Rogbid’s highly anticipated Summer Sale has launched, providing a top-notch shopping experience with amazing surprises for you and your loved ones. This Summer Rogbid is introducing the Rogbid King and Rogbid Mille, two dependable smartwatches designed for outdoor exploration. Here are a few offers available in Rogbid Summer Sale.

Rogbid King – A 4G-enabled Smartwatch

The Rogbid King is a 4G-enabled watch with advanced technology, allowing you to make calls and video chat from anywhere. It earned rave reviews from customers due to its unparalleled features and performance.

Rogbid Mille – A Smartwatch Great for the Outdoors

Endorsed with the United States Military Standard (MIL-STD-810G) certification, the Rogbid Mille embodies strength and longevity as a smartwatch capable of enduring severe surroundings and intense conditions. It stands out with IP69K waterproof features coupled with Bluetooth-enabled communication, making it an ideal partner for outdoor activities – guaranteeing constant connectivity and security throughout your escapades.

Rogbid Rowatch – Your Health Companion

Also joining the lineup is the Rowatch 4, the latest smartwatch boasting a large curved screen. Outfitted with state-of-the-art health tracking capabilities that include blood sugar monitoring, it serves as your ultimate wellness ally, facilitating constant vigilance over your health status.

Buy Rogbid King get Rogbid RoWatch Free

Rogbid Summer Sale comes with a special Buy One, Get One Free offer. The Rogbid King is $99.99 and comes with a complimentary Rowatch 4, and the Rogbid Mille is $59.99 and comes with a free Rowatch 4. Don’t miss this great opportunity to buy the best gadgets for yourself and your family and friends.

Buy One get One Free

Visit our website to make the most of this limited-time deal and start your outdoor adventures with the Rogbid King and Rogbid Mille, enhanced by the incredible Rowatch 4.

Rowatch 4: Rogbid’s First Large-screen Smartwatch with Blood Sugar Monitoring

Rogbid Rowatch 4 with Blood Sugar Monitoring

Over the past few years, the smart wearable industry has primarily focused on health monitoring, and Rogbid’s innovative Rowatch 4 is no exception. This groundbreaking smartwatch includes a crucial feature: blood glucose monitoring. Monitoring blood glucose levels is essential as it directly reflects conditions like diabetes, which can have a significant impact on overall well-being. With the Rowatch 4’s blood glucose monitoring functionality, abnormal levels can be detected early, allowing for timely medical attention.

Rogbid Rowatch 4 Display

In addition to its health monitoring capabilities, the Rowatch 4 is a stylish smartwatch with a square dial and a rotating crown on the right side. The display features a 2.02-inch curved full screen with an impressive resolution of 320 x 386 pixels. Customize your watch face to suit your style. The smartwatch is also certified with an IP67 rating, making it resistant to dust and water.

Apart from blood sugar monitoring, the Rowatch 4 includes a heart-rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, and blood pressure sensor. It helps you stay mindful of your sleep patterns and stress levels, and offers breathing practice sessions for relaxation. With support for over 100 sports modes, you can embrace a wide range of activities.

Rogbid Rowatch 4

But that’s not all, the smartwatch offers Bluetooth calling capabilities and an AI voice assistant. You can easily access call logs and save up to 12 contacts on the device. Enjoy daily reminders, notifications, weather updates, a built-in calendar, and more. With an impressive battery life of up to 4 days, you can depend on the Rowatch 4 for all your daily adventures.

Rogbid Rowatch 4 Colors

Available at a competitive price of US $29.99 with code: MPZ1B3YSDYF5, limited to 100 units. The Rowatch 4 is available in attractive colors such as Rose Gold, Gray, and Black. Purchase yours now from the Rogbid Official Store and experience the perfect combination of style and functionality in a smartwatch.

Umidigi G1 Tab, G2 Tab, G2 Tab Kids Launches this Month

Umidigi G1 Tab, G2 Tab, G2 Tab Kids Launches this Month

UMIDIGI unveiled its first tablet for kids, the G1 Tab Kids, in June 2023. The Umidigi G1 Tab Kids received a positive response due to its impressive specs and unique design. Now, UMIDIGI has confirmed that they will be launching three new tablets this month: the G1 Tab, G2 Tab, and G2 Tab Kids. In this article, we will reveal the details about the specifications and design of these tablets ahead of their launch later this month.

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Each of the Umidigi G1 Tab, G2 Tab, and G2 Tab Kids has its own distinct aesthetic appeal. The G1 Tab features a sleek Space Gray color, while the G2 Tab comes in a captivating Midnight Blue hue. The G2 Tab Kids, on the other hand, offers two delightful variants: Candy Pink and Magic Green, catering to the vibrant tastes of young users.

In terms of size, the G1 Tab and G2 Tab have a similar configuration, measuring 244.8mm in length, 162.2mm in width, and 9.2mm in thickness. They are lightweight at 570g, making them convenient companions for everyday use.

Umidigi G2 Tab Kids offer more Durability

Umidigi G2 Tab Kids

In contrast, the G2 Tab Kids is designed to be more durable and rugged, requiring slightly larger dimensions. This tablet for kids measures 273.5 mm in length, 190.5 mm in width, and 29.5 mm in thickness, providing a sturdy and secure experience for young ones. Consequently, the G2 Tab Kids weighs 805g, ensuring the necessary durability for its accompanying protective case.

Umidigi G2 Tab Kids with Non-toxic EVA Protective Case

The protective EVA case on the Umidigi G2 Tab Kids is designed with safety in mind, using non-toxic materials and enhanced cushioning in all four corners. It offers complete protection for kids’ tablets, preventing damage from falls and collisions. The back ring stand is easy for little hands to grip and provides stable support for the tablet. It is versatile, allowing for adjustable viewing angles and 360-degree rotation.

The G1 Tab, G2 Tab, and G2 Tab Kids all feature a large 10.1-inch HD+ display that provides a captivating visual experience. With a resolution of 1280 x 800, these tablets deliver sharp and vibrant visuals, bringing content to life with clarity and detail. The 16:10 aspect ratio ensures a widescreen viewing experience, perfect for movies, web browsing, and creative tasks.

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All three tablets will be powered by the RK3562 quad-core processor, ensuring smooth and efficient performance. With a clock speed of 2.0GHz, these tablets will handle everyday tasks with ease and responsiveness. They will also offer ample memory with up to 4GB+4GB of LPDDR3 RAM, allowing for seamless multitasking and smooth app switching. Additionally, the tablets will provide 64GB of eMMC 5.1 storage, offering sufficient space for apps, media files, and documents.

Umidigi G2 Tab Kids Battery

In terms of camera capabilities, the G1 Tab, G2 Tab, and G2 Tab Kids are equipped with an 8MP main camera on the rear and an 8MP front camera. Additionally, these tablets feature a large 6000mAh battery, ensuring exceptional battery performance. With a standby time of up to 1 month, 6 hours of video playback, or 24 hours of seamless online streaming, you can rely on these tablets for long-lasting power that won’t interrupt your usage.

Umidigi G1 Tab has Stereo Dual Speakers

The G1 Tab, G2 Tab, and G2 Tab Kids will be powered by Android 13 and will come with dual stereo speakers. These powerful speakers deliver immersive sound, enhancing your movie-watching, music-listening, and video-call experiences. Moreover, these tablets will support WiFi 6, allowing for seamless streaming and online gaming without any buffering.

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Umidigi A15 Ultra is coming with 16GB RAM, 1TB ROM

Umidigi A15 Ultra

UMIDIGI will be releasing a high performance A15 Ultra very soon. UMIDIGI A15 Ultra will come in five different colors: Space Black, Matte Black, Dark Purple, Celadon Green, and Silver White. It features a matte glass back cover for a great look and feel.

Powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ 5G flagship, the smartphone offers a flagship experience with exceptional performance. It is equipped with an impressive 16GB+16GB RAM and a 1TB ROM, with LPDDR5X memory, allowing for a 7500 Mbps transmission rate. The 5G Dual SIM and Dual Pass function provide an outstanding network connection for both gaming and communication.

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Additionally, the 6.67-inch’ FHD+ AMOLED highly sensitive touch screen and 200 million ultra-clear triple-camera lenses with the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ 18-bit HDR-ISP image signal processor Imagiq 7.0, guarantee an ultra-clear visual and a flagship touch experience. The UMIDIGI A15 Ultra, the winner of performance, brings you the flagship experience!

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Sophisticated Design, A Style Icon

The UMIDIGI A15 Ultra comes in five different colors: Space Black, Matte Black, Dark Purple, Celadon Green, and Silver White. The Space Black, Matte Black, Dark Purple, and Silver White models have a matte glass technology that gives a delicate matte texture and a calm and composed vibe amidst understated elegance.

On the other hand, Celadon Green model uses the Celadon Green glass technology that has a glossy ceramic-like color, texture, and aesthetics at the same time. It’s worth noting that the UMIDIGI A15 Ultra, which will soon be released, is as narrow as 7.9 mm and has an ultra-high-quality matte glass back cover that looks sharp and shiny. It also feels warm and comfortable in the hand, providing a double enjoyment of vision and the sense of touch.

Flagship Powerhouse, Performance Winner

Umidigi A15 Ultra is powered by a Mediatek Dimensity 9000+

The UMIDIGI A15 Ultra is powered by MediaTek’s cutting-edge Dimensity 9000+ flagship 5G chipset. It boasts an octa-core CPU with an Armv9 architecture and the Arm Mali-G710 flagship deca-core GPU. The chipset is the first to support LPDDR5X RAM with a transfer rate of up to 7,500 Mbps, providing powerful compute performance and energy efficiency.

The gaming experience is further enhanced by MediaTek HyperEngine 5.0 gaming engine, which supports AI-VRS Variable Rendering Technology and Intelligent Dynamic Frame Stabilizing Technology. For imaging, the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ features the flagship 18-bit HDR-ISP image signal processor Imagiq 790, which supports a 200-megapixel camera and 18-bit HDR videos.

The chipset also integrates a 3GPP Release-16 standard 5G modem and supports MediaTek 5G Ultra Save 2.0 power-saving technology and multi-standard Dual SIM technology, ensuring high-speed networks are always available. All these power gives this device the potential of being one of the best gaming phones for budget shoppers.

Ultra-large Memory, Smooth Experience

The UMIDIGI A15 Ultra provides a smooth experience to its users by utilizing a flagship-level memory setup of 16GB + 16GB. This means it comes with 16GB RAM with support for up to 16GB virtual RAM. This memory is equipped with LPDDR5X specification, which enables faster read and write speeds, resulting in smoother operations.

With its impressive 16GB of memory and memory recombination technology, the UMIDIGI A15 Ultra can handle up to 44 background apps with ease, providing an exceptional level of smoothness that surpasses expectations.

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Smooth Gaming with Full Power

Smooth Gaming with Umidigi A15 Ultra

Are you tired of experiencing lag and delay while gaming? Put your worries to rest as the UMIDIGI A15 Ultra is here to provide you with an unmatched gaming experience. This device is equipped with advanced gyroscope technology and an X-axis linear motor, which work together seamlessly to deliver precise and responsive in-game movements.

Moreover, the X-axis linear motor provides vibration feedback, allowing you to feel the in-game action like never before. With the UMIDIGI A15 Ultra, you can say goodbye to lag and enjoy smooth and mesmerizing gameplay.

6.67-inch FHD+ AMOLED Display

The UMIDIGI A15 Ultra is equipped with a 6.67-inch FHD+ AMOLED display that supports a 2400*1080 resolution, 1200 nits peak brightness, DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and a 4,500,000:1 contrast ratio.

This allows you to enjoy an ultra-clear visual experience that showcases even the smallest details. Additionally, you can now indulge in a seamlessly smooth experience with a maximum of 120Hz high refresh rate, regardless of whether you’re engrossed in a gaming session or browsing social media.

Ultra-Clear Triple Camera Captures the Beauty

Umidigi A15 Ultra Camera

The UMIDIGI A15 Ultra smartphone boasts an impressive triple camera setup with a massive 200-megapixel lens. Its advanced technology captures colors and details accurately, allowing you to relive the moment precisely as you saw it.

Additionally, the phone’s built-in AI enhancement and AI document photo functions use sophisticated algorithms to enhance image clarity and stability. The backlight portrait shooting feature is especially impressive, turning every photo into a stunning masterpiece.

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Big Brother Naija Season 8 starts July 23 with MoniePoint as Headline Sponsor

Big Brother Naija Season 8

Multichoice has started teasing the return of its most popular reality TV show, the Big Brother Naija. Big Brother Naija, Season 8 premieres on Sunday, July 23, 2023. MoniePoint is the headline sponsor of this year’s show.

The winner of the 2023 edition of the popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija All Stars Season will take home a grand prize of 120 million Naira. BBNaija Season 8 will be hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

Housemates will be housed for 70 days with the show ending on October 1, a day earlier than last year’s edition.

The Tag “All Stars” suggests that this will be a special edition that will feature celebrities, but we wait and see.

You can watch Big Brother Naija, Season 8 live on channels 198 on DSTV or channels 29 on GOTV via your decoder. You can also stream live on mobile on Showmax and the DSTV App.

Big Brother Naija All Stars Edition

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