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Umidigi Fan Festival 2022, up to 75% Off Phones, Earbuds, Smartwatches

Umidigi Fan Festival 2022

Umidigi Fan Festival will be holding on May 19 and May 20, 2022. This is a great time to buy a smartphone as there will be loads of discounts during the event. The Umidigi Fan Festival on AliExpress is where to be right now, you will be able to see exciting deals on not just Umidigi smartphones, but also smartwatches and earbuds. See Deals.

Umidigi will be unveiling two of its smartphone series during the event, namely the Umidigi F3 series and Umidigi Power 7 series.

The highlight of the Umidigi Fan Festival 2022 will be the premium smartphone in both series. For the F3 series, the Umidigi F3 with 8GB RAM, 128GB Built-in storage, and 48MP triple camera will be on sale for just $179.99. The most compelling deal in the Umidigi Power series is the Umidigi Power 7 Max going for $169.99 with the highlight being the 10000 mAh, but you also get 6GB RAM, 128GB built-in storage, and 48MP Triple Camera.

There will also be deals on other members of the two series. Joining the F3 will be the more affordable Umidigi F3s and Umidigi F3 SE. Similarly, the Power 7 Max will be launched alongside less premium Umidigi Power 7 and Power 7S.

In addition to the unveiled devices, you will also find deals on existing models. The Umidigi A11 Pro Max, one of the most popular smartphones from Umidigi will be on sale as well as, the Umidigi A13 Pro. Both smartphones will be going for an attractive $139.99 during the Umidigi Fan Festival 2022.

The Top of the line Bison GT2 5G and Bison GT2 Pro 5G will go your $299 and $349 respectively during the event.

More Umidigi Fan Festival Deals

There and many more deals will be available during the event. Hurry and secure the deals.

Here are the highlights of the two main devices on offer

AliExpress is the place to be on May 19 and May 20 for the best value on smartphones, earbuds, and smartwatches. For the best deals, Click Here.

Tecno Spark 8C receives Virtual Expandable Memory update and is the First Budget Smartphone with this feature

Increase RAM on Tecno Spark 8C

Its official guys! If you own and use a TECNO Spark 8C, then your smartphone experience is about to get more lit! Your TECNO Spark 8C can now run more efficiently with an overall better performance, thanks to a new feature called “Memory Fusion”, which the brand confirmed has been pushed to all Spark 8C smartphones.

Simply put, the Memory Fusion feature allows you expand the RAM (Random Access Memory) of your device, which is responsible for your smartphone’s ability to multitask, i.e., smoothly run multiple apps simultaneously, and quickly retrieve frequently accessed files and apps.

With memory fusion, the RAM on your Spark 8C can be expanded by as much as 100% and what’s more interesting is that you could do this right within the comfort of your home!

Tecno Spark 8C

How can I get the Memory Fusion feature on my Spark 8C?

To enable memory fusion on the Spark 8C, there are two OTA (Over the Air) update versions – v.032 & v.034, that you would need to download and install. Your Spark 8C should typically notify you of the available updates, however you can also manually check for them in “system update” which you can locate in your smartphone settings.

The memory fusion function comes with the v.034 update, hence you would need to first download and install v.032, after which update v.034 will be available for download/install.


TECNO Spark 8C: Smartphone for the Vibrant Young Generation

The Spark 8C is the smartphone for the passionate, vibrant and trendy youth who is on a budget. It has a futuristic and fashionable design, beautiful color choices and feels great to hold, complementing its user to stand out stylishly within any circle.

Photography on Tecno Spark 8C

Spotting a 13-megapixel AI enhanced dual camera that enables more detail in your photo, a 6.6-inch HD+ dot notch screen, 90-hertz refresh rate (on the 3 & 4GB RAM models only), and a 5000mAh battery amongst other specs, the Spark 8C is that budget smartphone that comes with many specifications found mostly on mid-range devices, making it arguably the market’s best budget smartphone.

Tecno Spark 8C

The Spark 8C comes in Turquoise Cyan, Magnet Black, Iris Purple and Diamond Grey, and is available at all authorized TECNO retail outlets nationwide at the recommended retail price of NGN 66,000 for the 64+3GB model and NGN 59,500 for the 64+2GB model.

Tecno Spark 8C Specs

Spectranet launches Stryker Internet MiFi Modem

Spectranet Stryker MiFi

Spectranet, the leading  Internet Service Provider offering 4G LTE based Home Broadband services and  Fiber-based ( Fiber to the Home and Fiber On Air)  Fixed Broadband services in Nigeria has launched a new MiFi modem. Named, the “STRYKER”, the new high tech internet modem enables multiple users to browse the internet while on-the-move or at their homes/offices.

With the year 2022 being the year of the biggest football event of the year, the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the launch of the new MiFi modem is timed to show support for the Super Eagles of Nigeria as they squareup against the Black Stars of Ghana in a World cup qualifier in March.

The MiFi is named STRYKER to show support and to acknowledge the natural flair of the Nigerian National Team and their ability to strike for the world cup ticket.

At the unveiling of STRYKER MiFi, Ajay Awasthi, Chief Executive Officer of Spectranet said, the attractive pricing of Stryker and the bundled data will enable more people to have access to high speed internet.


Speaking on the brand’s interest to support the business and lifestyle of Nigerians, Mr. Awasthi further added that the efficiency of the STRYKER MiFi Device will empower users to strike action on the internet, achieving great targets without boundaries.


The Sprectanet Stryker MiFi is powered by a Qualcomm MDM9225 chipset that intelligently offers high-speed performance. With a Wi-Fi technology that supports multiple inputs and multiple outputs (2 x 2 MIMO), this device offers users the flexibility to share their MiFi connection with up to 10 devices at the same time.

The built-in 2300 mAh battery delivers backup power for up to 6 hours offering enough juice to keep you productive or entertained for a long time. The portable pocket-size device offers high speed and a seamless secured Internet connection that makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor purposes.

Spectranet Stryker MiFi Price and Availability

Spectranet Stryker MiFi price starts at 23,500 Naira. You get 75GB free data on activation. You also get 10GB data bonus for six subscription renewals within 190 days of activation for subscription of the 5,000 Naira plan or more.

Ckrowd launches Ckrowd Studios to Revolutionize Digital Entertainment in Africa and Diaspora

Ckrowd Studios

2 March 2022, London, UK:  Ckrowd, Africa’s most preferred and premium content streaming platform, has announced today the opening of a new digital entertainment branch, the Ckrowd Studios. Ckrowd Studios will allow content creators and content enterprises to leverage Ckrowd’s digital tools, innovation and the digital marketplace to earn revenue for their Live & On-Demand creations.

Ckrowd will provide premium distribution and monetization services to film and content producers that deliver great quality in content, but often find other studios and traditional cinema models challenging for their content goals.  

Ckrowd Studios, a private enterprise driven and a business-to-business initiative between Ckrowd and independent producers across Africa & Diaspora, will offer content producers and creators a digital cinema format to release and distribute exclusively their creation, both to local and global audiences.

Ckrowd will provide its secure and scalable digital infrastructure to power Ckrowd Studios, deepening its connection and relationships with its audiences worldwide. Using the Studios will also enable digital creatives to make smarter business decisions, and connect to their audiences anywhere, while also enabling access to business insights and monetisation using data analytics and geo-localisation. Furthermore, film producers and creators will be able to receive foreign exchange earnings for their locally, but quality crafted and produced TV and film content.  

Live or On-Demand content are co-created and formatted together with the Ckrowd Production & Marketing team. The team of experts at Ckrowd will then formulate ad-hoc integrated marketing and distribution plans, which will be supported by Ckrowd marketing innovative tools to drive paid viewership and revenue to the content via the website at www.ckrowd.com.

This Digital Cinema formula will produce and offer audiences many original and well-produced content, that are often overlooked in the global market due to the many intricacies and bureaucratic processes behind other studios and global entertainment companies that cannot fully grasp how to effectively reach local audiences and the Diaspora.  

The entertainment platform will feature English speaking films, but also some in local languages, including Yoruba, which will be produced by entertainment mavericks who have just been signed to Ckrowd Sudios, such as Adeleye Fabusoro, CEO of Rare Edge Media, and Ola Abraham Emmauel of Owambe Productions, creators of Bro Code (TV Series) starring Adedimeji Lateef, Baaj Adebule.  

Furthermore, Ckrowd Studios will help to accelerate cultural integration within the film and content creation industries by supporting and connecting producers across East, West & Southern African regions and bringing their films to distributor and consumer audiences across the continent and global audience for better distribution and funding.  

Karine Barclais, founder of Cannes Pavillon Afrique commented:

“All these initiatives make Ckrowd a rallying point and a go-to for African and Diaspora film creators” 

“We believe that Ckrowd Studios will be a winning solution for talented producers and production houses seeking to drive profit for their content, including Live or On-Demand film, TV series, short films, documentary, educational series, music videos and more, “

said Kayode Adebayo, CEO of Ckrowd.

“Viewers will also enjoy and be able to consume a vast array of content options for a small fee using Pay-Per-View options, which will simply mean they do not have to pay any fees for content they are not interested in, which is what the subscription payment encourages. In this manner, consumers can seek for tailored content about Africa and the Diaspora across the different verticals such as fashion, music, gastronomy, history, folklore, languages, culture, mythology, literature and more and not be tied to a huge archive and library of superfluous content that might not interest them, through the specific subscription payment model.”

He continued

“By leveraging Ckrowd Studios and its technology, distribution, marketing, ad sales platforms, capital support, expertise and monetisation, producers, directors and content creators alike will seamlessly build and enhance their reach and revenue worldwide.”   

Ckrowd intends to become the biggest content and concept company for Africa and Diaspora Content, complete with production and financing opportunities for Content Producers. This is because Ckrowd will also provide producers and creators with an ultra-modern audio-visual & film studio facility to support local and global production projects, showcasing its commitment to be directly involved in producing 50% of its original and exclusive content and forming strategic partnerships to co-finance and license content from producers and content creators across Africa and the Diaspora.  

Ckrowd Studios presents a tremendous opportunity to engage audiences across Africa and the Diaspora, supporting content producers and creators to earn a revenue, through the offer of Ckrowd’s secure technology solutions, data analytics and distribution platforms as it continues to transform the content creation industry into a viable business digitally, and connect with more viewers globally.

This will contribute to connecting content and content creators from emerging economies with a global audience, to attract the highest monetary return on investment for their content, whilst facilitate culture exchange and global connections to explore and understand the driving force of culture. 

Nokia C21, C21 Plus, and C2 2nd Edition launches with Nokia Go 2+ Earbuds and Headphones

Nokia C21, C21 Plus, and C2 2nd Edition launches with Nokia Go 2+ Earbuds and Headphones

LAGOS, NIGERIA, 1 March 2022 – Hot on the heels of the recent launch of the G11 and G21 this month, HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces three new Nokia C-series smartphones –the C21, C21 Plus and C2 2nd edition– in response to success for Nokia smartphones within the affordable smartphone market, which saw a 41% smartphone revenue growth for HMD increase from 2020 to 2021.

HMD Global reached its first full year of operational profitability in 2021.

Forecasting 1 million subscriptions to its Services Suite in H1, HMD is also announcing a new Services focused division to further continue this period of growth. This will allow the company to foster further growth, attract talent, and better support existing clients by streamlining processes internally.

Florian Seiche, Chief Executive Officer, HMD Global: 

‘2021 was a transformational year, resulting in solid revenue growth across the business and today, we are celebrating a profitable new chapter for HMD Global with the release of three new affordable Nokia devices which are not only safe, reliable and durable, but ensure as many people as possible can access the latest innovative technology for less.

I am excited to announce that our services portfolio includes a secure device financing solution for smartphones and other devices. At HMD, we are bringing together these two ingredients, a high-quality smartphone experience and a financing solution which builds upon our mission to make modern mobile technology accessible to everyone.

Combined with the success of our enterprise services offering scaling to 1 million subscriptions in H1, and delivering the exceptional level of services clients expect from us, we are delivering an accessible and seamlessly connected experience for people and enterprises worldwide.’

Nokia C-Series

The three new devices epitomise the durability and long-lasting battery life qualities Nokia phones became famous for all those years ago. This, combined with the best of Android™ software, and security updates cements HMD’s vision for 2022 and beyond – building Nokia phones that last for longer whilst maintaining excellent build quality. 

Nokia phones have incorporated a beautiful Finnish aesthetic that is also functional. The company are bolstering their successful Nokia C-series range, which was introduced in 2020 and already makes up 16% of total company smartphone sales in the last 5 years.

Nokia C21 Plus

Nokia C21 Plus

The hero of the C-series family – Nokia C21 Plus – is the smartphone that keeps on giving. It’s designed for durability and is rigorously tested to achieve sleek style and strength, while also delivering on battery life and most importantly, remaining affordable. The device comes with two different battery sizes, 4000 mAh and 5050 mAh which deliver up to two- and three-day battery life respectively – allowing people to stay connected for longer and recharge less.

Built around a robust inner metal chassis with an IP52 rating protecting against elements, with dirt, dust, and water droplet resistance thanks to a toughened cover glass that protects the dazzling 6.5” HD+ display – ensuring Nokia Hope can stand up to all of life’s hustle-and-bustle.

A 13MP dual camera with panorama and portrait modes allows you to capture life’s best bits in stunning detail. A clean OS with minimal preloads gives you more space for the apps and content you choose. Plus, 2 years of quarterly security updates, and fingerprint and AI face unlock technology ensures the Nokia C21 Plus stays secure, inside and out.

Nokia C21

Nokia C21

The Nokia C21 maintains the excellent build quality, security promises and the all-day battery life signature to the popular C-series. The device brings an improved 8MP camera with autofocus technology that seamlessly reads QR codes – so whether people are scanning menus, making payments or simply looking up information – the Nokia C21 ensures scanning QR codes is a breeze.

Enhanced memory capabilities, thanks to a multi-core processor, bring efficiencies without sacrificing the all-day battery life, while AI-powered face unlock is now supported by a fingerprint sensor for extra security and convenience. Two years of regular security updates also come as standard for C-series devices so people can rest assured that the Nokia C21 works hard in the background to keep their smartphone phone safe.

Nokia C2 2nd Edition

Nokia C2 2nd Edition

The Nokia C2 2nd edition comes with super-tough and reliable Nokia build-quality with even more ways to connect.  Designed to withstand life’s knocks, thanks to a tough inner metal chassis, and premium Nordic craftsmanship, this C-Series device has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets high durability standards and delivers a thoughtful and purposeful design at an affordable price point.

Giving you greater freedom to connect, and a reliable, super-smooth smartphone experience, the all-day battery-life from a single charge which enables hours of talk time and days of standby. The generous 5.7” display lets people easily stream, share and scroll through their favourite content and apps in brilliant definition – and capture the best bits of life, day or night, thanks to front and rear flash cameras. 2 years of quarterly security updates also ensure that the Nokia C2 2nd edition stays secure on the inside. The up-to-date OS with minimal preloads helps data go further, freeing up more space for the content and apps you love. 

C-Series Accessories

HMD’s growth story continues with their accessories range, doubling the accessories business in 2021 with ambitious plans for future growth. Nokia C21, C21 Plus and C2 2nd edition come with a range of accessories including over ear wired and wireless headphones and truly wireless earbuds offering an easy, hands-free calling experience.

  • Nokia Go Earbuds 2 + A truly wireless, clear sound and comfortable fit at ultra-high value, whilst environmental noise cancellation (ENC), sweat and splash resistance, up to 24-hour playtime will see users through even the rainiest of days
  • Nokia Headphones (Available in Wired and Wireless) – a super lightweight design with soft over-ear cushioning and a foldable arm for extra comfort and convenience, make for a seamless experience whether working or listening to music

HMD Enterprise Division

The one million subscriptions are split between the three core products (Connect Pro, Enable Pro, and Softlock) currently sitting under HMD Global Services, and are made up of IoT connections, EMM licences, and device lock licences. The global growth of the existing HMD Global Services lines led to the subdivision, which will further enable the team to focus on improving existing product lines, as well as innovating and creating new product offerings to clients.

Janne Lehtosalo said,

“Our range of enterprise IoT offerings has already made a significant impact on multiple industries including logistics, healthcare, and financial technology around the globe. Following the creation of the new division, we believe we will be better organised to further grow our offering to more industries, better serve our existing clients, and bring new services to the market. We’re excited to have hit a projection of over one million subscriptions in H1 and are proud that we are able to consistently offer them unparalleled services regardless of where they are on the globe.”

Pricing and Availability

Local pricing, variants and availability will be shared in-market at a later stage.

Businesses Can now Save More with Bolt Special Ride Offering

Bolt Business

Bolt, a leading ride-hailing service provider, is committed to building a sustainable city by easing mobility for Nigerians and is running a solution-based offering for business and corporate offices. The service tagged Bolt Business aims to support the efficiency of SMEs, large private businesses, and other corporate offices in Nigeria.

Bolt Business offers fast, convenient, and affordable business rides. Since its launch in 2019, the platform has recorded significant traction from top corporate offices and other private businesses in Nigeria. With this service, corporate offices and businesses can manage and pay for corporate trips via a single and easy-to-use portal. The business management can manage how team members commute for business trips.

The Bolt Business platform allows a corporate office or business to create an account where their teams can book rides, as well as keep track of the routes and expenses of the company’s business travels and trips. To enjoy this, employees can connect their Bolt accounts to the company’s Bolt Business account and switch their payment method to the corporate account.

Speaking on the service, Chinedu Ossai, Country Lead for Bolt Business in Nigeria, said:

“The Bolt Business service was introduced to enable companies of all sizes to manage and pay for corporate trips via one simple portal. Since the launch, we have successfully completed hundreds of thousands of trips on the platform for several of Nigeria’s top corporate offices as well as small and medium-sized businesses. We are committed to easing mobility in Nigeria and the Bolt Business offering is one of the ways we achieve this. The goal is to ease mobility concerns for companies because we provide an affordable and easier option for transportation.”

Recently, Bolt rewarded drivers on its platform with new cars from its Driver’s League Challenge to promote excellent customer service delivery. The Bolt Business offering advances the commitment to excellent service delivery as it simplifies employee transportation management.

The service has a detailed history overview for managers which help them monitor trips and comes with expense reporting. With this, employees can focus on value creating activities while Bolt manages the administrative hassles of moving around the city for meetings or other work-related trips.

With the innovative offering for businesses, Bolt reiterates its position as the leading platform in Nigeria’s ride-hailing industry. With unparalleled expertise in delivering a safe and affordable service Bolt’s ultimate focus is optimal customer satisfaction.

Since launching in the country, Bolt has redefined the mobility sector in Nigeria with innovative and unique offerings that ease mobility for riders and provides earning opportunities for drivers.

For more information about Bolt Business visit the website.

Motorola’s 200-megapixel Smartphone to Launch in 2022

Motorola’s 200-megapixel Smartphone to Launch in 2022

The Motorola Edge X smartphone will debut in China next month. And speculations say that the handset may launch as the first Snapdragon 8 Gen1-powered device from the brand. Interesting, Motorola would likely be the first smartphone maker to announce a phone with a 200-megapixel lens.

According to some reliable sources, Motorola is gearing to launch a smartphone with a 200-megapixel lens. However, the marketing name of the phone remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, tipsters like Ice Universe have revealed that Xiaomi will take the covers off a 200-megapixel camera smartphone in the second quarter of 2022. The source also claims that Samsung is working on a phone with the exact camera resolution for 2023.

The various hints surrounding the Motorola Edge X suggest arriving in the first half of 2022. The phone would offer top-notch photography features, and it will set a record as the first handset to come with a 60-megapixel selfie snapper.

The Moto Edge X will also be the first phone to sport the 50-megapixel OmniVision OV50A 1/1.55-inch sensor. This sensor will be present in the rear camera set up, and TEENA confirmed the information.

The TEENA listing of the Moto Edge X mentions that it would come with a 50-megapixel + 50-megapixel + 2-megapixel triple rear camera system. The Moto Edge X would feature a 6.67-inch OLED panel, up to 16GB of RAM, a 144Hz refresh rate, 512GB storage, and a 4,700mAh battery.

Renders of the Honor 60, Honor 60 Pro Emerge; Key Specs Revealed

Renders of the Honor 60, Honor 60 Pro Emerge; Key Specs Revealed

Finally, JD.com and other Chinese retail sites have listed the upcoming Honor 60 and Honor 60 Pro smartphones. And fortunately, the JD listings of the smartphone have revealed their official renders.

The phone images show that the upcoming Honor 60 series handsets will offer fascinating specs and impressive designs. Surprisingly, a reliable tipster – Digital Chat Station – has shared some of the specs of both devices.

The Honor 60 and Honor 60 Pro smartphone would arrive with curved screens. Unlike the vanilla model that’s only curved on the right and left sides, the Pro model of the Honor 60 features a curved edge on all sides.

The rear panel and edges of the Honor 60 series lack the fingerprint sensor, suggesting that the phones would offer an under-display fingerprint reader. Meanwhile, the rear camera module seems to house three sensors alongside an LED flash unit.

Rumors say that the Honor 60 and Honor 60 Pro smartphones would sport AMOLED panels that support a 120Hz refresh rate and a Full HD+ resolution.

Recall, the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro smartphones came with the Snapdragon 778G chip. Hence, the Honor 60 and Honor 60 Pro may debut with the Snapdragon 778G Plus processor.

Lens-wise, speculations say that the upcoming Honor smartphones would offer a 50-megapixel selfie camera and a 108-megapixel rear camera unit. The source further mentioned that the duo would carry support for 66W fast charging.

Presently, there’s no new news on the pricing information of the Honor 60 and Honor 60 Pro smartphones. However, the rumor mill claims that the lineup may include the Honor 60 SE.

Details of OPPO’s First Dimensity 920 Smartphone Leaked, to Launch Soon

Details of OPPO's First Dimensity 920 Smartphone Leaked, to Launch Soon

A few months back, MediaTek unveiled the Dimensity 810 and Dimensity 920 chipsets. And since the launch, the Redmi Note 11 Pro and Redmi Note 11 Pro+ are the only smartphones that have launched with the Dimensity 920 chip.

Surprisingly, a reliable Chinese tipster has tipped that OPPO is gearing to debut a smartphone with the Dimensity 920 chipset. However, the leak didn’t reveal the marketing name of the OPPO device. But it says the phone may arrive soon.

According to the source, the upcoming Dimensity 920 OPPO device will have a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen that offers an FHD+ resolution, a 90Hz refresh rate, and 1300nits brightness.

The display details of the handset are identical to the display of smartphones like OPPO Reno7, OPPO Reno7 SE, and OPPO Realme GT. The screen will feature the Gorilla Glass 5 protection, and it would likely come with an in-screen fingerprint reader.

Under the hood, the phone would come with 8GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 128GB / 256GB of UFS 2.2 storage. The phone relies on a 4,500mAh battery that may carry support for 60W rapid charging.

For lenses, the phone’s rear side offers a triple camera system. The unit comprises a 64-megapixel OmniVision OV64B, a Sony ultrawide shooter, and a macro sensor.

Meanwhile, the device’s front side packs a 16-megapixel camera that allows the user to take selfies and make video calls.

Redmi 10 2022 Bags Multiple Certifications, Camera Configurations Leaked

Redmi 10 2022 Bags Multiple Certifications, Camera Configurations Leaked

A couple of days back, the Redmi 10 2022 moniker appeared at the IMEI database, and a tipster caught a whiff of the information. Sources revealed that the model numbers 21121119SG and 22011119UY are related to the Redmi 10 2022 smartphone.

The tipster further shared some information relating to the camera configurations of the device. Meanwhile, the Redmi 10 2022 had received certifications from several authorities, which hints that it may arrive soon.

The Redmi 10 2022 with model number 21121119SG has received approval from Indonesian certification authorities like SDPPI and TKDN. The phone also received an okay from other platforms like the TUV, Europe’s EEC, and Singapore’s IMDA.

Surprisingly, a variant of the Redmi 10 2022 with model number 21121119VL also surfaced in TUV’s database. The phone’s appearance has got enthusiasts wondering if the phone would launch in three variants or more.

However, the Skrzypek report mentioned that the Redmi 10 2022’s rear camera system would comprise a Samsung S5KJN1 or OmniVision OV50C40 50-megapixel primary lens.

The supporting lenses would likely be a Sony IMX355 8-megapixel shooter and a 2-megapixel OmniVision OV02B1B or GalaxyCore GC02M1B sensor.

The Redmi Note 2022 has a 90Hz FHD+ 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen with an 8-megapixel front-facing camera on the front.

The phone would come with the Helio G88 chip and boot to the MIUI 12.5 based on Android 12. It would offer up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

The Redmi 10 2022 smartphone would rely on a massive 6,000mAh battery that supports 18W charging. And it would feature a side-fitted fingerprint scanner for security.