Users of Apple Music having a Nickname Crisis

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It hasn’t been even 24 hours since Apple launched  its Apple Music service and already users are finding that the nicknames they want to use are already taken.

Choose Your NickName before It is Taken by someone else

In Apple Music, Nicknames will be of use when commenting and sharing playlists, and if you don’t have one you can’t do those things.

Now if you want something simple and unique with which you want others to associate you, then better hurry up before someone else grabs it.

If that happens only option would be to have an alpha-numero gibberish nickname. And really who wants that?

Now the quickest way to secure your nickname would be heading to the music app on your iOS device and tap the profile button which is at the top left corner.

Your account details will show up. Then tap on the top right-hand corner and just enter a 32- character nickname.

Now if you are using iTunes via desktop to access Apple Music, just fire up the latest update of the app and go to the name on top. Click on your details from there and then enter your name as before.

There is an option to be able to change your nickname anytime you want though it is currently unclear if you can still be addressed by your old nickname if anyone wishes to.

Hence the question: can others get my old nickname after I have changed it and I’m using a new one?

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