Reports: Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 to cost more than 11 Ultra, feature single option

Reports Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 to cost more than 11 Ultra, feature single option
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When Xiaomi first debuted the Mi Mix series, they were targeting the new-age tech of truly borderless phones.

Other OEMs have gotten into that game too, but this brand continues to push the limits still. Even though they have not done any new work in the Mi Mix line-up for about three years now, there are rumours pointing to another device coming out under this naming model.

Reports have already suggested that this could be the device to herald the launch of the coming MIUI 13. New reports from China now suggest again that we might have just one version of the phone. This goes against the usual practices at Xiaomi where the brand loves to have different variants of the same unit to meet different customers at their preferred price point.

As if that is not enough, it is also said that the phone will launch at a price higher than what the brand slapped on its Mi 11 Ultra – which is a flagship phone. All that likely points to the speculation that the brand is going all out on this device – and they will charge accordingly for it.

If rumours are anything to go by, Q3 is when this device will make the market.

Xiaomi itself is yet to offer any information into this so we will advise that you take things with a pinch of salt.

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