Samsung readies camera improvement update for the Galaxy S21 family

Samsung readies camera improvement update for the Galaxy S21 family

Samsung made sure to include a barrage of improvements on the Galaxy S21 series that launched this year. As is common with smartphones, one of the major areas that saw improvement was the camera section.

Samsung did something fine that they have done before in bringing some of the new camera updates to the Galaxy S20 from last year in the form of updates. Thus, users who were not interested in upgrading yet could still enjoy some of the goodies that the new unit brought to the market.

But that is not all.

Now, it is reported that Samsung is packaging a new update for the Galaxy S21 series itself and that will spell some massive changes for the camera, among other things.

The South Korean OEM will make it possible for users to take portrait-style pictures in the normal camera mode. Before, that was only possible when the telephoto or wide-angle lenses are engaged, but not anymore.

We do not know if this update will trickle down to the Galaxy S20 family also but there is a high chance Samsung wants to keep it as an S21 exclusive for now. Only time will tell.

Of course, that is not the only thing they will bring with the update. Alongside the camera improvement, all of the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra will also get some performance boosts, stability checks and bug quash, among other things. that, and the security patch for the month of April.