Samsung might have just cancelled the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung might have just cancelled the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE

There is no shortage of phone cancellations this year, and it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will make that list too.

Already, OnePlus has come out to officially tell us that we are not getting a OnePlus 9T unit for this year and Samsung has already cancelled the Galaxy Note line. Today, it seems that the company is not sure whether or not it wants to launch the Galaxy S21 FE anymore.

While the launch was supposed to have happened back in August, we got some reports that October might be another launch time since we missed that window. Samsung seemed to have confirmed that they had a launch event for the phone planned in October, but the company is now reviewing whether or not launching this device is worth it.

The reasons for that could be a host of things.

For one, Samsung might be looking to focus on the devices that are supposed to come next year rather than waste some more R&D on a device that has had its family do well in the market already.

The shortage of chips that the pandemic brought with it, which has caused brands like Realme to even hike the prices of its phones, could also be a factor. Likewise, Samsung is one brand with a lot of phones in the market already and they might be looking to do something about that.

Regardless of what approach the company plans to take, we will keep a close eye on developments and let you know once something comes up.