Samsung launches four new Win10 laptops – and they are all impressive

Samsung launches four new Win10 laptops – and they are all impressive

Samsung is not playing around in the PC and desktop market, bringing us four different Galaxy Book units today.

The first one, the Galaxy Book Pro, comes in at 13.3 inches and has a 15.3-inch model for those who want all the big screen. Both devices average a 1kg weight which makes them one of the lightest on the market right now.

As of the time of this writing, some Samsung stores are already taking pre-orders for the units which start at $1,000 and goes up depending on the internal configuration you are looking for.

Moving to the Galaxy Book Pro360, the South Korean OEM brings us a bigger Galaxy Note which can use a stylus pen and touchscreen. Of course, that is not the only selling point here with Samsung also throwing 5G connectivity on for those that want it.

We already know that this guy will cost more, staring at $1200 instead.

If you want even more, you might have to look at the Galaxy Book Odyssey which starts at 15.6, trading portability for performance instead. With a solid Nvidia GPU, 11th gen core i-procrssors (starting from the i5) and up to 1TB SSD, this laptop is not here to play.

Rounding up the launch formation is the Samsung Galaxy Book billed to start selling from EUR680. The device is quite capable but you can already tell that it carries the least power in the series. For those who want the new gen tech from Samsung but don’t want all the bells and whistles, this is the one for them.