Realme hikes the prices of over a dozen units alongside other OEMs

Realme hikes the prices of over a dozen units alongside other OEMs

We have been mentioning some price hikes across Realme phones in India (which will trickle into other regions) for sometime now. In the past, this hike affected just one model and they have even stopped selling some models to give room for others to thrive.

Today, the company has hiked some prices again – but it is not alone in that regards.

Alongside other manufacturers in the region, Realme has now increased the prices of no less than a dozen of its smartphones in India. The Realme C series are the biggest features here with devices getting anywhere from $4 – $7 price hikes.

Of the C series, we have all of the Realme C11/ C21/ C25s across multiple configurations. Some Realme 8 units also got as much as $14 price hikes on them across all the configuration too. Even the 5G models were not spared in this exercise.

Finally, you should now that Redmi, Samsung and other brands have also increased the price of their units in these regions. This is coming more as a result of shortage of some component which leads to increased demand – as well as the natural increase in price of other components.

The price hikes don’t look too bad right now. Accumulated over time, though, we might be in for way more expensive phones than we bargained for.