OnePlus takes a new device to BIS, could be the 9 RT

OnePlus takes a new device to BIS, could be the 9 RT

There was a time when we mentioned that OnePlus would not be making a OnePlus 9T this year.

That sounded like a rumour at the time and we believed that we would not be getting another device in that family from the OEM for this year. They surprised us, though, when we saw that they were working on a unit to launch as the OnePlus 9 RT instead.

This would be a refresher of the OnePlus 9R which launched alongside the other flagships for the year at a much affordable price.

Given its expected October launch, it is believed that this is the unit which just got certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Like most certification boards, BIS also aims to release as little information about what got certified as possible. Thus, all we got was the model number of the unit – MT2111. We don’t know for sure that this is the OnePlus 9RT, but it makes sense to be the one.

After all, it is when these units are close to launch that they start getting all kinds of certifications to their name.