OnePlus prepares to launch a 9 RT unit to complement 9 lineup

OnePlus prepares to launch a 9 RT unit to complement 9 lineup

OnePlus is known to launch a “T” unit somewhere close to the end of the year. This one would improve a little on the flagships that had been launched earlier in the year and keep the company in the running with other smartphone makers launching new units at this time of the year.

However, a report mentioned that OnePlus won’t be going that way with their new flagships since the OnePlus 9/ 9 Pro seemed to have it all. A couple of days ago, though, the company officially teased a unit that carried the T naming system.

As of the time of this writing, it is now clear that they are planning the launch of a OnePlus 9 RT that would make the market later this year.

In a way, the initial report is right since we are not getting a OnePlus 9T instead. However, no one would have expected that this is what they had in mind instead.

While there is no official confirmation of specs yet, it is expected that this device improves on the affordable OnePlus 9R that was also launched earlier in the year, thus the naming system. If that is true, this one could also be an affordable unit that doesn’t come close to the official OnePlus 9 but gives users enough reason to want to try it out.

Given that the company is teasing the unit already, it is a waiting game to see when it launches – and we hope soon.