OnePlus CEO confirms we might not get a OnePlus 9 T-series

OnePlus CEO confirms we might not get a OnePlus 9 T-series

OnePlus has maintained a habit of introducing a flagship series at the start of the year and following up with a lesser priced version close to the end of the year. They started with one device launch at each times of the year, before the current model of launching two devices first and a single T-series unit later.

This year, they did an extra thing with the OnePlus 9R which came alongside the vanilla OnePlus 9 and bigger OnePlus 9 Pro. With that, we were not too surprised when we heard that we won’t be getting a OnePlus 9T this year.

However, a OnePlus 9RT was leaking heavily and all signs pointed to a launch of that device. It seems that the company has cancelled that too since the bran CEO, Pete Lau, has come out to debunk the launch of any T-series this year.

For now, we don’t know if he is referred to the basic T series, or pointing to the OnePlus 9 RT that we were waiting for.

If the latter is true, then we would have to wait till the OnePlus 10 to get a new unit.

There is no indication behind what could have caused this. Having just merged with Oppo, though, the company might be dedicating its resources to bettering its next line-up to work with the new OS rather than focusing on a less expensive unit this year.

It is a waiting game to see what they do, but they’re sure to do what the market will love.