Hacked Surveillance Company says its Tools could fall into the hands of Terrorists

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Although there were some excitement earlier this week when notorious surveillance company, Hacking Team got hacked, the situation is now dimmer as the company is claiming it has lost control of its tools and they may have falling hands of terrorists and black-hat hackers.

They are worried…

They added that their hacking tools and data can be used by terrorists and other criminal groups. The company is trying to woo everyone not to download the 400 GB file of the torrent as it can contain virus and malware.

According to the latest news from the company, they have lost control of most of their software and currently doing everything possible to get back control.

The loss of 400 GB of important data is intense and is said to contain every small bit of information about the company and the operations they were running to help the surveillance program.

Their important software the “Da Vinci“, which is used to decrypt emails and files for surveillance reasons.

To address the situation, Hacking Team wrote the following.

Before the attack, Hacking Team could control who had access to the technology which was sold exclusively to governments and government agencies. Now, because of the work of criminals, that ability to control who uses the technology has been lost. Terrorists, extortionists and others can deploy this technology at will if they have the technical ability to do so.

They also added.

We believe this is an extremely dangerous situation.


Hacking Team is evaluating if it is possible (sic) to mitigate the danger. We expect too that anti-virus companies are upgrading their programs to detect the compromised Remote Control System (RCS).

With everything broken, the company’s software engineers are trying to fix the problem and have told their customers not to use their products anymore (until they get them fixed).

They are also trying to hire new people to the team. But, the company image has already been tarnished to pieces, and it is tough to get anyone aboard now.

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