Facebook to rollout ‘Clear History’ feature in the coming months

Facebook to rollout ‘Clear History’ feature in the coming months

Facebook was in a lot of trouble just last month when it was found out that they sold a lot of their data to Cambridge Analytica. Since then, a lot of people have left the platform and general stocks have dropped.

To give users even more control over their data and prevent such a breach from happening again in the future, the social media giant has planned the rollout of a new update to its platform.

To be dubbed ‘Clear History,’ this will work in the same way browsers do by allowing you clear any information that is being collected about you. The good news is that the functionality of this new feature extends beyond the website alone but goes on to include third-party applications too.

However, you should note that some things may still not be cleared even after using this feature. Afterall, even clearing your cookies does not mean that everything will go as planned.

Expected to start hitting the app in the coming months, this is one welcome update we cannot wait to have.