Twitter announces plan to build African HQ in Ghana

Twitter announces plan to build African HQ in Ghana

Twitter has been present in Africa for a long time, but only virtually.

Now, the Jack Dorsey-owned company is looking to expand physically into Africa and have chosen Ghana as their preferred base of operations. This would serve as the continental headquarters of the business – and the president of the country lauds this as a welcome development.

To back this up, Twitter has announced openings for new roles across categories like product development, design, engineering, marketing and communications, among others, to quickly launch and hit the ground running in the country.

It should be noted that Nigeria has a larger population and an even bigger internet user base than Ghana. This should have made the country the first choice for Twitter. Thus, some people have blamed the Nigerian government for being hostile to development and foreign brands – as well as the current state of insecurity – as why we lost out on such a fine deal.

No matter which it is, this is still a fine win for Africa as a whole as we got recognised well enough on the Twitter space to deserve our very own HQ.