Xiaomi set to unveil Mi Mix 4, other devices in Aug 10 launch event

Xiaomi set to unveil Mi Mix 4, other devices in Aug 10 launch event

Xiaomi has worked its way ahead of Apple in the global smartphones’ sale race, but it seems that they will leverage their next launch event to steal some shine from Samsung too.

Scheduled to host a launch that takes place just before Samsung Unpacked billed for August 11, the Asian OEM has also announced some amazing phones to make the market on that day. Maybe to drive more eyes to the show, Xiaomi revealed that we should be looking forward to what they have done on a Mi Mix 4.

For those who are familiar with the MI Mix series, these are devices that continue to push the boundary of what’s possible on bezel-less phones and they have been excelling in that category since their first one made the market. We cannot wait to see what Xiaomi has planned on this third iteration of the series.

Looking elsewhere, the company has also confirmed that they will bring a new Mi Pad tablet line-up to us. Above all else, this event is where the company celebrates its full first ten years in the Chinse and global electronics industry. That is surely a huge milestone as we have seen how the likes of Samsung and Apple celebrated theirs with amazing new units and designs in the past.

If you are also a fan of everything Xiaomi, now is the time to set the date and time for the launch event which will show us the Mi Mix 4, Mi Pad 5 and other amazing devices that the company has had in the pipeline for us.