Xiaomi leapfrogs Apple to become second largest global OEM

Xiaomi leapfrogs Apple to become second largest global OEM

Xiaomi’s aggressive rate of churning out new devices has always been indicative of the brand’s desire to become the best and first in the market. With devices like the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra now making the rounds, the company is inching closer to its goal of being the top phone OEM in the world.

According to data from Canalys, an independent research firm, Xiaomi has now ousted Apple from the second position on the list of top phone manufacturers in the world.

This growth comes from the combined strength of the Redmi and main Xiaomi brand which has seen the OEM make and sell millions of units in the past 6 months alone. The massive run that they have enjoyed this year is recorded as an 83% year on year growth, which is telling a lot for a market that is just recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

As it stands, Xiaomi now boasts a 17% global market share, pushing Apple into third. The fourth position is held by the duo of Oppo and Vivo, while Samsung continues to reign supreme with a 19% market share.

The reports show that most of the devices that left the stable of Xiaomi are mass market devices. However, they are also doing good work in the flagship region, so they are looking to compete with Samsung in the coming months.

This is the kind of competition that’s good for the market, seeing as all OEMs will step up to bring even more unique solutions so that they can keep having the market share on their side.