Windows 10 Insiders will receive the final build for free

windows 10 insiders
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With Windows 10 release drawing near, it is quite evident that everyone is excited and waiting patiently.

Few days back, Microsoft came up with the news of letting all their Windows 10 insiders have the final build upcoming operating system free. The announcement came on the official Windows blog, and clearly stated how the Windows 10 Insiders will gain access to the full build on release date.

So, how does the program works?

It’s simple. The Windows 10 insiders need to keep the Windows 10 insiders preview installed on their machines. Once the Windows 10 is released, they will receive the RTM, i.e., release-to-manufacturing build through the windows update.

For the update to process, the computer should be connected with the Windows 10 insiders account. Anyone, who is currently not enrolled in the Microsoft 10 insiders program, needs to enroll in the account and then download the insiders preview on their computer.

Windows Insiders are a popular group on the internet as they are public testers to all the products released by Microsoft.

The need for the account connectivity is for the sole reason to check that only the insiders get the full version and not the other way around, where people try to download the insider preview to gain access to the full build.

There is no doubt that Microsoft’s new approach is seen as an important way of finding new Insiders for their current and future projects. Whatever may be their intentions, the main beneficiaries are the consumers.

The latest version of the Windows 10 comes with Microsoft’s new browser, Edge. It also includes the Cortana and other pre-final build features.

So, if you are interested in gaining access to the final Windows build, get enrolled in the Microsoft’s Insider preview.

However, users with Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 need not join the preview as they will all get free upgrades to Windows 10 once it becomes available.

Windows 10 will also be their last Windows major release as Microsoft will be shifting to incremental updates similar to the Apple MAC OS.

Update: Microsoft have made some clarification on how the program, works. For Windows 10 insiders to continue getting the new OS free they have to remain part of the Windows 10 insider program, once they leave the program, they will need a license to maintain their Windows 10 on their machine.

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