Microsoft announces Windows 10 Coming on July 29

Windows 10
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Microsoft has confirmed that the latest version of its Windows operating system, the Windows 10 will be available worldwide from July 29, 2015.

According to Microsoft devices running on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 will get a free upgrade to Windows 10. I have already received a request to reserve a free update on my Windows 8.1 laptop, which I have already obliged.

Windows 10 is a key part of Microsoft’s one Windows strategy.

According to the Windows blog, Windows 10 was designed

to run our broadest device family ever, including Windows PCs, Windows tablets, Windows phones, Windows for the Internet of Things, Microsoft Surface Hub, Xbox One and Microsoft HoloLens—all working together to empower you to do great things.

Essentially, Windows 10 will be bringing back some of the iconic Windows features like the Start menu, while still retaining and improving on the best features of Windows 8.1.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is faster and more secure. Windows 10 will also be bringing Microsoft’s popular intelligent digital assistant, Cortana to the PC for the first time.

Windows 10 will also introduce a new modern browser, the Microsoft Edge. Office will also be getting a makeover for the new operating system.

PCs and Tablets running Windows 10 will go on sale starting July 29, which is also around the same time that existing users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 will be getting a free upgrade.

Windows 10 Mobile and other Windows 10 variants for other classes of devices like the Xbox will launch later.

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