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Vodacom partners with Cloudflare to provide South African businesses and organizations with cybersecurity services.

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Since the global outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, there has been a significant increase in the number of cybercrimes recorded worldwide. Most cybercriminals are targeting not only individuals but corporate businesses as well. The discovery has made the need for business owners to protect their businesses the first thing on their priority list.

Recently, the local attack of a healthcare organization was reported in the South African news. The news indicates that South African businesses, organizations, and start-ups are also potential targets of cyberattacks.

According to reports, South Africa has recorded a 33% increase in the volume of internet-related crimes since March 2020.

In a bid to provide businesses and organizations with protection, Vodacom – One of the leading telecoms company in the country has announced its partnership with Cloudflare. Together, the two companies aim at providing businesses of all sizes with more secure, protected, and reliable website services.

Lately, cybersecurity has become a major concern for all business and organizations.

According to the 2020 reports on Global Risks by the World Economic Forum, cyberattacks are ranked the second risk of great concern for businesses globally.

A widespread type of cyberattack faced by many websites lately is termed Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. This type of attacks targets websites with the sole aim of bombarding them with more traffic than the server can handle. This, in turn, makes the site useless, dent the company’s reputation, and of course, lead to loss of revenue.

The Managing Executive for Cloud, Hosting, and Security at Vodacom Business, Kabelo Makwane said, ‘’As a leading provider of telecoms facility and enterprise software in South Africa, Vodacom Business’s partnership with Cloudflare promises to provide our customers with the best services available to shield them from cyber threats.’’

‘’Now is the time to be more concerned about the security of your businesses.’’ Kabelo added.

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