Upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro update addresses remaining camera issues address other issues

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Since the recent release of the OnePlus 7 Pro, there have been complaints by users about the camera and the touch sensitivity. Fortunately, users can rest easy now as things are about to get much better with the new update that has hit the unit.

 The OnePlus 7 Pro camera left a lot of room for improvement and the Asian OEM is not leaving any stone unturned in ensuring the camera gets to maximum capacity.  This update will have tremendous improvements on the camera as OnePlus released samples comparing the performance of the camera before and after the update and the results were satisfactory. 

The changelog for the camera in OxygenOS 9.7.5 update includes:

  • Improved overall contrast and color performance
  • Improved white balance consistency of triple camera
  • Improved accuracy and stability of autofocusing
  • Fixed issue of greenish tone in some low light scenes
  • Fixed issue of contrast and color saturation of ultra-wide
  • Improved clarity and noise reduction in low light scene of ultra-wide
  • Improved clarity and noise reduction of telephoto
  • Improved clarity and color of Nightscape
  • Improved brightness and clarity in extreme low light scene of Nightscape

The update also improves the touch sensitivity on the OnePlus 7 pro which will probably address the ‘phantom tap’ issues which some users have complained about. Beyond that, the update makes improvements in the ambient display and tap-to-wake feature while also beefing up the audio quality of voice calls made through third-party applications.

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The update became available on June 6, and you should already have a notification to get yours.

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