Twitter launches Polls feature

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Twitter has introduced Twitter Polls, a feature that enable users create polls within tweets that will allow users to ask questions and receive reviews and opinions.

Twitter Polls was tested by the social network almost a month ago and the success of tests has led Twitter to the decision of making it a part of Twitter.

Twitter Polls will be officially available in a couple of days and users will be able to create their own polls by simply clicking the hold button. The poll will appear beside the Media and Location icons in the account.

Previously, Twitter had been offering a few different but poor ways of asking a question. Tweeting a question and then searching for replies, Hashtag polls and Retweet offers were all a cumbersome thing.

But now one can create a poll including just TWO answers/options. Once tweeted, a poll  will be up for almost 24 hours. The user’s choice will not be publicly shown and one can go for any of the two available options.

Twitter Polls Compose

Whenever the poll times out, a push out notification carrying the poll results, will be sent to everyone who participated in the poll.

Twitter Polls Results

Advertisers can also go for a poll to know the changing trends and needs of customers. Twitter Polls was introduced in a blog post by Todd Sherman, Product manager at Twitter.

“With just some clicks, people can understand where the majority is diverting. It’s an interesting thing to know what people want and what their desires are. It’s a very simple way to hear other’s voice, that is simply a click.”

Twitter Polls will send different alerts to the users. These alerts will compel the users to launch Twitter not just for the sake of same old Tweets but for also participating in several polls and to bring themselves on board regarding the varying trends.

This service will be officially available in a couple of days.

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