StoreEx expands it’s operations to other African Countries as an Evenex company.

StoreEx expands it’s operations to other African Countries as an Evenex company.

StoreEx, a leading supplier of Third-Party Maintenance (TMP) for enterprise-sized organizations, which was recently acquired by Evernex, is expanding its operations and services to other African countries.

As they continue to drive TMP awareness and adoption across Africa, Jan Beukes, CEO, and founder of StoreEx, says the company will retain its local branding, level 1 B-BBEE status, and South-African based team.

StoreEx is set to expand its services and industry-leading solutions throughout Southern and Eastern Africa with offices in Kenya, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, and Nigeria. As an Evernex company, StoreEx remains steadfast and focused on the provision of the same level of service her local clients expect.

With over ten years of TMP experience, Beukes says there has been an increase in the company’s ability to provide exceptional services to multi-nationals. Third-Party Maintenance providers can give the best solutions when it comes to combining optimal results with cost savings.

The increase in software maintenance costs is steering the focus of procurement and vendor management leaders to explore the independent third-party maintenance market.

StoreEx has more than ten global call centers, provides support in over 160 companies, online experts, and access to more than 330 stocking locations globally.

As a joint force with Evernex, the group has over 200 highly specialized engineers and services more than 220,000 IT infrastructures.

“I am excited about the future growth prospects of StoreEx. Joining our businesses will strengthen our position in Africa and enable us to grow our portfolio of blue-chip clients,” says Beukes.