Sony uncovers the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 Gaming Console

Sony uncovers the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 gaming console.
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At last, Sony revealed the design, looks, and specifications of its upcoming and next-generation console-the Sony PlayStation 5. The launch event which was scheduled to hold on the fourth of June, was postponed to June 11 due to the protests going on in the United States around that time.

Yesterday, Sony held a “Future of Gaming” event where the look of the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 gaming console was revealed. The console, alongside the DualSense controller which Sony revealed in April, was showcased at the end of the event.

Looking at the overall build and design of the console, the PlayStation 5 is migrating from the known black carbon color design on its predecessors and has adopted an artic white body build that sports blue accent lights.

The PlayStation 5 will be available in two variants; the standard console model and a digital version of the console. Unlike the standard model, the digital model will not make use of discs. Sony has confirmed that the console will come with SSD, and each game disc will have up to 100GB capacity.

During the launch event, Sony spent the majority of the time showing off a few of the exclusive PS5 launch game titles as well as indie and third-party games. Some of the game titles include, Grand Tourismo 7, Stray, Hitman III, Deathloop, and many more.

The new Sony PlayStation 5 will feature AMD hardware with Navi GPU and Zen 2 CPU along with super-fast PCle 4.0 SSD and a new data-transfer structure.

Besides, Sony confirmed that the new DualSense controller will come with an in-built microphone, haptic feedback, and more ergonomic build. Some gears which include a Pulse 3D wireless headset, an HD camera, a controller charging station, and a media remote will roll out with the PS5 as well.

The company is yet to reveal the pricing and availability details of the console.

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