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Sony planning on bringing successful PlayStation games to your phones

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Sony has recorded quite the success on the PlayStation console front, but they have not been able to bring that kind of success into the mobile niche.

We have seen the company try with a series of handset releasees in the past but we doubt that they are getting the kind of traction they would have envisioned. That said, though, the company is not giving up yet.

If news from Eurogamer is anything to go by, Sony is now planning to bring some of its best PS’s games to mobile phones.

This is evident from the hiring of a new senior executive who is meant to spearhead the porting of these games to the mobile niche. What Sony wants is for the same experience to be kept across board – from mobile phone to console – without loss in quality or any other element that makes the games great.

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While that is fine, we should get ready for some graphics intensive and quite heavy games soon. If you are looking forward to this, though, you might have to wait a while. According to the mandate given to the new executive in charge of the mobile gaming division, there is a 3–5-year timeframe on making this happen.

We can only hope that some games are dropped for mobile in the meantime while we wait for the others to launch.

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