Samsung rolls out April security update to flagships, even ahead of Google Pixels

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Samsung rolled out some updates to some of its older devices about a week ago. This week, the South Korean OEM is focusing on the flagships that it has on its books.

If you have either of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S21 units or the Galaxy Note 10 family, you should be getting the notification to have the April security patch soon. If it hasn’t already reached your device, that is.

The timeline of this update is surprising because even Google is yet to push them out to the Pixel devices which are known to receive such updates first.

Note that the update is the same for all devices but they bring different things on board, depending on the unit in question.

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We mentioned in a previous news item that the Galaxy S21 family would be getting some camera improvements and those come with this update. On the foldable device, though, this is more like an incremental update that only does some work under the hood.

The same is true for the Note units so don’t expect anything major on that side either

For now, the update has been spotted in Germany but it will make its way to the rest of the world soon. Barring any issues on the update, that is.

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