Galaxy Note 9 starts getting March security update, bug fixes

Galaxy Note 9 starts getting March security update, bug fixes

The Galaxy Note 9 was one of the most excellent Note devices that we have seen from Samsung but it came a little too early.

As of the time of its launch, it was not part of the Notes that got a promise of a three-year update cycle. However, the company did stick to its guns and took the Android 8.1 Oreo device to the Android 10 level.

Now, it seems that the Galaxy Note 9 will also be enjoying a rollout of the March security update alongside other recognised Samsung devices.

Whether you have an unlocked or carrier version of the phone, you get the same update. After all, that is the case in South Korea where the patch is currently rolling out.

Being the home market of the brand, it is little surprise that they have chosen to start from there. If anything, though, we are sure that the rest of the world will get theirs pretty soon also.

For now, you should wait for the official notification to pop up on your unit. If you don’t get it soon, you might want to manually request the update from the settings dashboard of your phone.

On getting the update, Samsung promises a fix for three issues in the Exynos-powered devices, some bug fixes on Google’s OS and other Samsung-specific issues.