Samsung officially launched the Galaxy A52s 5G to its first market

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The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G has been unveiled for some time now and we covered that on this blog when it happened. Then, though, we didn’t know what markets it would launch in yet.

About two weeks after the initial unveiling, Samsung has announced this phone officially for the Indian market. Given that they are one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world, this move is not surprising.

Those looking to get the unit in the market will have to shell out between $493 for the 6GB/ 128GB version or go higher and spend $513 for the 8GB/128GB trim. The phone is being sold via the official Samsung store in India, and you can also get it from some of their offline and online retail partners.

With a 5G capability out of the box and improved SD 778G chipset under the hood, this 6.5-inch device is a needed upgrade over the standard Galaxy A52 from last year and we love to see what this brand is doing in the affordable 5G market.

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That said, we know that this is not the only market where Samsung will launch this device. For now, we will keep following up on where the unit will go to next – probably Europe – and update you accordingly.

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