Samsung to launch the Galaxy A52s 5G in India at an unnamed date

Samsung to launch the Galaxy A52s 5G in India at an unnamed date

When Samsung launched the Galaxy A52s 5G last week in the UK, we knew that this will not be the only market that they will take the unit to. Right now, we are seeing posters of the phone which shows that it is making its way to India also.

Being one of the largest smartphone markets in the world, it is only normal that Samsung will launch this unit there.

Note that the phone had official posters for India up before the launch in the UK happened. Thus, we were even surprised that Samsung decided to launch the unit to UK before they took it to their loyal fans in India.

The good thing now, however, is that the market is also getting the same phone.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy A52 last year, they did not take the 5G option of this unit to India. With this device, they are correcting that information with a slightly more expensive device that also gives better performance anyway.

If you are interested in copping this 6.5-inch unit in the Indian market, sit tight and watch the retailers in the country for when they will start carrying this device officially. There is also no official listing of what the phone will cost here but we believe it should be lesser than what it sells for in the UK.