Samsung Galaxy M22 shows up on European retailer ahead of launch

Samsung Galaxy M22 shows up on European retailer ahead of launch

Samsung has been keeping us in the dark as to when their Galaxy M22 will launch. We know that the budget smartphone will make the market sometime soon, given the fact that it has been to the Bluetooth SIG and gotten a couple other certifications as it nears full launch.

Fortunately, we have a European vendor with fast fingers to thank for seeing what price the phone could come at.

For the 4GB/ 128GB model of the phone, users will have to shell out EUR240. The listing does not tell us anything much about the hardware specs of the unit but it is not difficult to believe that Samsung will have a way to justify that.

With the rate at which smartphone prices have gone through the roof too, it is not uncommon that this is the kind of price we now get on a supposed entry level or budget device.

Still, an FCC visit reveals that the phone will come with 25W fast charging support. In the box, though, Samsung is keeping the charger at 15W. This might help them cut the overall costs of the phone – and also brings in more revenue from users who want all that power, so, buy the charger from Samsung.

There is no definite date as to when this device will launch. At this rate, however, we should see it in the coming weeks.