Samsung Galaxy M22 makes it to the FCC, reveals charging specs

Samsung Galaxy M22 makes it to the FCC, reveals charging specs

Samsung should launch the Galaxy M22 already, given that we have heard almost all about it from the rumour mills already.

From what we are getting from the FCC today, those rumours won’t stop anytime soon.

You should know already that the Galaxy M line-up is dedicated to the entry level devices from the South Korean OEM, coming in at some competitive prices. Now that we have a trip to the FCC, the unit is inching way closer to its eventual launch.

But that is not the only thing that we learnt. We also confirmed that the phone will have a 25W fast charging capability under the hood. Samsung won’t give you a charger that does that much out of the box, though. So, you only get a 15W charger out of the box.

Since Samsung will carry the bigger charger on their website, it stands to reason that they want to make even more on the sale of that accessory. Looking at it another way, including such a smaller charger might have allowed them shave some cost off the phone.

Looking elsewhere, the 6000mAh device is billed to have a 13MP front snapper, a 48MP main sensor on the back and a decent 6.4-inch screen on the front. As to when an official launch will be, Samsung will have to tell us about that by themselves.