Samsung adds more Galaxy Z Fold 2 units to online store amid rumours

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We reported that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 was no longer available from the official Samsung store. Even retailers like T-Mobile did not have it anymore in their store, leaving the only sellers to be Best Buy and AT&T.

Knowing that Samsung is gearing up for the launch of the next unit in the foldable market, that pointed fingers to the fact that they might be phasing out this unit so that they can have space in the inventory for the coming device.

Well, it seems that the South Korean OEM is not done with the foldable unit just yet.

As of the time of this writing, Samsung has added more Galaxy Z Fold 2 units to their US store. If you are still in for buying this device, that is where you want to be right now. You don’t have to go to the physical outlet when you can choose the unit that you want on line and get it delivered to you also.

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There is no telling how much units that they added to the store. Seeing as they are truly preparing to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it is just a matter of time before they stop selling this one anyways.

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