Is Samsung slowly phasing out Galaxy Fold 2 for Fold 3 launch?

Is Samsung slowly phasing out Galaxy Fold 2 for Fold 3 launch

We don’t know when the Galaxy Fold 3 will make the market yet. If there is any hidden message in the fact that Samsung has now stopped selling the Fold 2 on its US website, though, we could be expecting that launch soon.

It is no news that brands want to make the most sales off their new models so that they can, at least, offset all the money that they have put into the R&D. Accessing the page that used to hold the Galaxy Fold 2 on the Samsung US website, you are greeted by an error message telling you that the unit is no longer available for sale.

The same is true from brand partners like Verizon and T-Mobile in the country who might have also sold off their stock and have none more to look forward to from the OEM. However, if you are in the region/ ordering from the US and still want to get your hands on new units, you could check with Best Buy and AT&T.

For now, it remains to see what Samsung hopes to do next – and if they will be bringing out the successor to their successful folding unit already.