Report: Samsung has fixed all issues concerning the Galaxy Fold

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Earlier, we brought you the news of Samsung CEO claiming to have made a mistake by rushing the first launch of the Galaxy Fold. What we were not told at that point was that they were still working hard on the device, and all that might now be in the past.

According to a new Bloomberg report, Samsung has fixed all the issues they have with the phone from the onset. Sources close to the development of this unit have claimed that the main improvements have been directed towards the hinge and display protector film coming with the device.

This solves both problems that were faced by early reviewers of the unit. A lot of them thought that the protector film was just any other screen protector and thus, peeled it off. That only ensured the phone became unusable.

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Right now, Samsung is said to have fixed that by tucking this protective layer under the hood so that you don’t mistake it for anything else. Likewise, the hinge has now been redesigned with extra protection for the screen, as well as external impacts.

Even though we have a new design to look at, there is still no word on when the phone will make the market again. We believe all fans and enthusiasts will join us in hoping the release dates come soon.

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