Realme finally pushes the GT Master Edition on sale with amazing discount

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We talked a lot about the Realme GT Master Edition for some time, then we stopped mentioning it once it launched.

Well, it is back in the news and for the right reasons.

At a time when Realme devices are getting price hikes all around, this mid-range special edition unit has started selling for the first time, and will be offered at a discount. The option on sale is the smaller option with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM to match, so we don’t know if they will extend the same treatment to the other options in the line-up.

Available for pickup in Voyager Grey, Luna White and Cosmos Black, you get a Rs. 2000 discount in Indian markets when you pay with a bank card. From the information provided by the company, it seems that you will be able to get the same discount on the 8GB variant, no matter if you chose the 128GB or 256GB storage space to go with it. Likewise, there is no restriction to what debit or credit card you can use to access the discount, making it open for all.

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If you want the device too, and would like to take advantage of the discounts, today might be the only day it is up. There is no information on that and we would rather assume the worst so that you can get in on the deal faster.

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