Oppo Reno6 5G gets relaunched in new Purple Star colour

Oppo Reno6 5G gets relaunched in new Purple Star colour

Samsung has a habit of bringing existing phones back to the market in a new finish, helping them to relaunch and drive more sales. In fact, we reported last week that the South Korean OEM was doing the same thing with their Galaxy S21 Ultra line-up also.

Now, Oppo is taking the same route with the Reno6 5G that they launched in May. As of then, the unit only had finishes of Black, Blue and Gradient to choose from. Buyers looking to have the device now get the option of a Purple colour to match.

Called Purple Star, the colour is only making it to the Chinese markets for now and is geared towards the female audience. In fact, it comes with three different gift bag options for the people who choose to get the unit in that colour right now.

To make things more interesting, Oppo has taken the colour to multiple configurations of the unit. Thus, shelling out an equivalent of $433 nets the 8GB RAM/ 128GB ROM model while a payment of $495 brings the 12GB/ 256GB model home.

This does not mean that the men cannot get in on the stylish colour too, though. Right now, we look to see if the same finish will make it to the rest of the world sometimes, or it will remain an exclusive to the Chinese market.