OnePlus promises to fix throttling issues on OnePlus 9 and Nord 2 with new update

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There was a time when we reported that the OnePlus 9 was delisted from a major benchmark platform because it was seen that the company limited the processing power of its devices after marketing them with a higher processing function as obtained by these platforms.

OnePlus is one of those brands that have come to be loved by their fans, no matter what. When that piece of news hit, though, some users would have felt cheated out of all the power they could have gotten from their units. The company has now responded in style with the promise to fix the issue.

In fact, they claim that the same issue can be found on the Nord 2 which also has its performance throttled. With the rollout of their OxygenOS 12, though, the company will allow users the choice to keep the current settings or opt out and get full power from their units.

We don’t have a timeframe on when the new OS will roll out, but we do have an official confirmation and promise now. That is a lot to go on and we only need to keep our arms folded for the company to come up with the solution offered.

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For now, you can keep enjoying your OnePlus units as it is, and see if you need more power afterall.

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