OnePlus 9 Pro in mucky waters with Geekbench over throttling allegations

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OnePlus does not only sell its phones for the affordability when compared to specs, but the performance boost that users get from the units too. That is why they focus so much on the performance rating of their units anytime they are in the marketing and teasing phase for a new device.

If the findings of an independent investigator, AnandTech, is anything to go by though, the company might have been misleading users for a while now.

Scores of the chipset performance that OnePlus gets on Geekbench are usually in the high range and matching the quality of chipset that go into these devices. However, it seems that the OxygenOS which these devices use throttle the performance – not so much that the user notices but enough to cause a stir on the benchmarking platforms.

Now, it is reasonable when performance is throttled so that the device can optimise battery usage better or for any other such trade-offs. In the case of the OnePlus 9 Pro which was examined here, though, it seems the company is simply adding in the throttles to game platforms like Geekbench.

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To that effect, Geekbench has delisted the OnePlus 9 Pro for now pending investigations. The platform has also promised to look into grey areas that might be present in other OnePlus units already listed.

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