Lentera extends its services to Mauritius farmers through partnership with MFCI.

Lentera extends its services to Mauritius farmers through partnership with MFCI.

Lentera, a Kenya-based agri-tech startup that focuses on the development of smart solutions for farmers, has extended its tentacles to Mauritius.

The company entered into a partnership with the well-known fertilizer manufacturer, Mauritius Chemical and Fertilizer Industry to improve the services it offers, and provide more viable solutions to the problems of agriculture in the area.

Lantera was founded in 2017, and ever since its establishment, the startup has been known to offer precise agricultural services such as drone and satellite imaging, farm software, weather sensors, and automated advisory services on the current market status.

Towards the end of 2019, Lentera, in collaboration with the Kenyan Climate Innovation Center, signed a working capital facility. The deal with the KCIC allows the company to provide smart climate agricultural solutions to a greater number of farmers.

In a bid to provide efficient and satisfying solutions to farmers, Lentera didn’t stop at KCIC. The company also struck a deal with the MCFI. The deal will give the startup access to provide MCFI’s Mauritian customers with crop modelling services as well as satellite-based crop health analysis.

Furthermore, Lentera mentioned that the MCFI farmers would be provided with weekly reports on soil moisture analysis, satellite images of crop health, and an on-demand weather forecast service.

The startup mentioned that all these services will be provided to the farmers through a mobile application designed for that purpose.

As of now, the partnership will focus on sugar cane and cereal growers for a start before extending its reach to more farmers in the Southern and Eastern parts of Africa.

The founder and CEO of Lentera, Moses Kimani said, ‘’This is a great achievement for us. It an honour for us to provide efficient agricultural services to Mauritian farmers working with MFCI,’’