iPhone 11 series might be getting the best addition we have heard of so far

iPhone 11 series might be getting the best addition we have heard of so far

We have heard a lot about the Apple iPhone 11 setup till now, and we have been largely unimpressed by all the changes Apple might be bringing to the device. Of course, there has to be changes in every new release, but it seemed Apple was losing it altogether with the promise of an ugly triple camera setup.

Just last week, we heard that they could even be planning to bring back the Touch ID, among other things, but we didn’t know how. Owing to a patent that the company silently filed, we believe we might know what Apple engineers are planning. If they do come out with it, this could be one good news to rival all the bad ones we have been hearing so far.

For those who have researched the new Samsung Galaxy S10, you will know that the device features an in-screen, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Apple is going to take a page out of that book, but they are not going to give up without adding a personal touch.

According to the patent, Apple will install a ton of pinhole cameras underneath the screen. This will help the fingerprint sensor function on not just a part of the screen, but everywhere. To put that better, you get to put your hand anywhere and get the fingerprint working.

If you are used to Face ID already, there is room for excitement. This new introduction won’t take away the joy from Face ID but give you another cool way to get into your phone. Knowing how much Apple pays attention to details, we cannot wait to see this plan come to life.