First National Bank partners with UnionPay to accept contactless payments in South Africa.

First National Bank partners with UnionPay to accept contactless payments in South Africa.

First National Bank (FNB) and UnionPay International have partnered to introduce a less stressful payment option for their customers. Following the partnership, the duo announced that UnionPay cardholders can now make contactless payments with their cards via FNB Speed point terminals at merchants in South Africa.

The partnership between these two firms is the first of its kind in the country. In South Africa, First National Bank is the first to accept contactless transactions made with UnionPay cards. This innovation provides its customers with a safer and smoother payment experience.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless payments have been trending as a safer payment method.

According to the Thokozani Dlamini, CEO, FNB Merchant Services, First National Bank has a diverse ecosystem of contactless payment from card acceptance to payments perspective. As more consumers opt for safer shopping and payment habits, we have recorded significant growth in the recognition and usage of contactless card payments.

“Welcoming UnionPay to our platform will increase the rate at which this service is used,” Dlamini added.

In a statement, the General Manager at UnionPay International Africa, Luping Zhang encouraged UnionPay cardholders to use contactless card payment, especially during this trying time.

“We take our responsibility to ensure our customers enjoy a safe, smooth, and simple payment experience. It is a necessary step to minimize the impact of the pandemic on their daily lives,’’ Luping concluded.

Presently, UnionPay cards are widely accepted across the whole of South Africa, thereby making purchases easy for UnionPay cardholders visiting and living in South Africa.