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Facebook to give 6 major aspects of Messenger a facelift this 2018

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Facebook messenger facelift

Facebook is constantly improving, and this year, users are promised to see more of those improvements. The head of the Messenger department at Facebook, David Marcus, has revealed that the app is expected to undergo some major changes before the end of the year.

David lauded the kind of meteoric rise that they have been able to record on the platform, and with these changes, hopes to change the way people and businesses use the app.

Already, the Facebook Messenger is averaging a total of 1.3 billion users, not to mention the 200,000 bots that have been set up on the app alone.

That does not tell the entire picture, considering that the app has helped changed communication from just text to visual interpretations too. You would agree with this when you see the fluidity of conversations with emojis and GIFs. For this year, all that and more will be brought to the doorstep of the users.

To summarise, the changes to expect on Messenger in 2018 are

1 Higher investment in real-time communication, following the success recorded in this department in the year 2017

2 Introduction of newer and more exciting features to group chats

3 Simplifications of things within the app. Facebook agrees that some of their updates might have made things a little bit complex, so they are working to make them simple again

4 Focus on the aspect of visual messaging. According to the post, messaging in 2018 will be more intuitive and creative through the use of images, emojis, GIFs and other such visual media

5 Migration of the Messenger service toward a better customer care potential, helping businesses satisfy their customers the more


6. Development of the platform into a better marketing channel.

Knowing Facebook and how they go all out with anything they plan to do, this is very interesting news.


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