CES 2018: The top three gadgets to look forward to this year

ces show 2018
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ces show 2018

It was what most tech enthusiasts could read in the news for weeks, and now, it is in the books as another successfully held edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018. With this edition holding what would be the largest floor space in the history of the show, it was sure that we would have some gadgets linger on in our minds for longer.

Before we relegate the show to the history books for good, let’s take a moment here to appreciate some of the good techs that the show produced this year.

1 Aibo, from Sony

Those who have been following the exhibitions of Sony at CES before now would find that the name Aibo rings a bell. The last time the robot came out things did not end so well. Now, not so much as Sony had made some improvements to keep their invention stable.

Still donning those puppy eyes that makes them hard to say no to, the $1600 price tag is still a big lump of money to part with. That is not to mention that it is a high maintenance toy, requiring the owner to commit to a monthly service fee too. However, with a CES showing that didn’t do much to impress, Sony did manage to win some more fans.

2 Lenovo’s Smart Display

Google made a decision to forgo the competition it was riling up with the Echo brand and look for third-party options to support instead, and that worked out just fine for them. Anyone who saw the Google-backed Lenovo Smart Display hardware will truly appreciate the beauty of this tech. Even if the Google Assistant is still playing a close second to Alexa, this new development will give the developers of Alexa a run for their money.

3 TestDrop

No, this is not something to do with increasing the resistance of your mobile device and/ or other gadgets to drops. It is, instead, a new technology that can help you determine if that next glass of water is safe for your drinking.

Coming in the shape of a guitar pick, TestDrop is said to test the electric field around the water and from there, help you make judgements of where it would be going – your mouth or the sink.

Of course, we will have a difference of opinions. If you think this list is spot on, let us know about it. If you also followed CES and felt that there was some more breakthrough tech that should have made the list, let us know about it also.

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