Bug disrupts messaging on iPhone version of Facebook Messenger, fix in the works

iphone messanger

iphone messanger

If you have an iPhone, and you are having issues with the Facebook Messenger on it, this is one time when you are allowed to hate the messenger. It has been found out that a bug in the application for iOS users is making it increasingly difficult to type and send messages on it. In fact, the application will close on its own while creating texts in a chat bubble or in-app itself.

Many users started reporting the issue at around the same time, and it is said that normal troubleshooting fixes do not work for the app. Some users have tried to switch off their phones and then power it back on. Others have forced the application to stop then started it again, while another set of people have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Unfortunately, none of these improved the problem even a little bit.

On the part of the developers, it is a welcome development for iPhone users that Facebook has acknowledged the problem, which means they have started working on a possible fix for the bug. However, they have not released any statement to disclose what the cause of the problem might be. for a platform that averages more than one billion users per month, they will want to get their users happy again as fast as possible.

For this year, Facebook has already started planning out the growth and development of the Messenger platform. In fact, the head of the department, David Marcus just recently released a six-point plan for the advancement of the social media messaging app. If that is to happen effectively, and they are to gain more users in the future, issues like this should be worked against ever before they come into fruition at all.

As soon as we hear anything else on the matter, we will let you know about it