ASUS launches not one, but two new units in the ROG Phone 5s line

ASUS launches not one, but two new units in the ROG Phone 5s line

We said it last week that the ASUS ROG phones were waiting for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 to introduce the SD 888+ chipset so that they can jump on the bandwagon too. Even though we got the ASUS ROG Phone 5 units this year, the company has brought us the ROG Phone 5s with the new chipset under the hood – in the same year.

In other worlds, we would have expected that such a change is made on only one device that is introduced to the market. It is, thus, interesting to see that ASUS decided to launch two new units with the new chipset instead.

The ROG Phone 5s Pro now boasts a massive 18GB RAM and 512GB of storage to match. If you don’t want to go for all that power on the Pro model, the vanilla upgrade option comes with all of 8GB/ 128GB configuration, 12/ 256GB additions and even 16/ 256GB somewhere else.

We would have loved if there are such options on the Pro model too, but that might not have allowed the company create this kind of selling gap and FOMO.

You get everything else as the same on these units with some minor additions and enhancements in the external hardware section.

So, if you are ready for an improved gaming experience anyway and wanted to trade in your ROG Phone 5 for another unit, or supply wanted to get in on the mobile gaming world, you know what device to look at.