Xiaomi Senior VP confirms the MI Mix 4 is not for selfie lovers

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When we talk about the Xiaomi Mi Mix line-up, we are referring to a bunch of devices that continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the full screen experience niche.

The latest launch from the company – the MI Mix 4 – has done that even better by opting for an in-display selfie camera which means that the front of the unit can be as much screen as possible.

Now, a Senior VP at Xiaomi has mentioned that the phone was not designed with selfie lovers at heart. In fact, he advised those that wanted a great selfie experience from their phones to buy a device with selfie camera cut-out instead.

This one, instead, is geared at those who wanted the full screen experience from their mobile devices.

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That said, this phone is no slouch in the selfies department. Packing a massive enough camera and featuring a tech that is new on most devices these days, Xiaomi has outdone itself here. Pair that with the fact that this phone launched the SD 888+ chipset, and you have a winner for days here.

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