Google announces it’s latest OS, the Android 9 Pie

Android 9 Pie

The Android OS is one of the biggest mobile operating system in the world and now, with the latest version update from Google, it even just got bigger!

After rounds of developer previews versions, and news, and rumours, and speculations, and months of waiting, the Android 8 (or Android Oreo) OS finally has a successor. And in line with Google’s long-standing naming tradition, the Android 9 or Android P was also codenamed after a food; a dessert, just like the Android 8.

Android 9 Pie

The Android 9 or Android P has officially been named the Android 9 Pie.

The Android 9 Pie comes with so many new features and also, improvements to old feature — but it’s got more new additions. It might also interest you to know that the core of the Android 9 Pie is Artificial Intelligence i.e using AI to solve users phone problems and improve overall user experience.

Android 9 adapts to you and how you use your phone, learning your preferences as you go. Your experience gets better and better over time, and it keeps things running smoother, longer.

Android 9 Pie

Some headline features of the Android include

  • Redesigned navigation keys and home launcher
  • New notifications and settings
  • Better battery life with AI-powered Adaptive Battery
  • Better multiple camera support
  • Dashboard for usage monitoring and statistics
  • Support for ‘notch’ devices
  • Smart Do Not Disturb mode
  • Adaptive Brightness
  • Redesigned volume slide and media center
  • New rotation icon on status bar

There are a whole lot of new features on the Android 9 Pie. You can check out some of the top 10 new features of the Android 9 OS or see the full details on Android’s official press release of the Android Pie OS.

The Android 9 Pie have begun rolling out to Google Pixel line of smartphones and Essential Phones as well. There are reports that phones running on Android One have also received the official update.

Before the end of the month, the OS is expected to have gone live on other OEM’s flagships too. OnePlus already has plans in place to debut the Android 9 Pie on its selected flagships.