Dr Mario world is coming to Android and iOS on July 10

Dr. Mario world is coming to Android and iOS on July 10

Nintendo is working towards taking over the smartphone world as they have established a presence in the console world, and that is evident in its development of a new game – Dr Mario World.

The developer has now announced that they will make the game available for both Android and iOS users from the 10th of July. The best part is that the game comes absolutely free, even though there are in-app purchases for those who want to get the most out of the games.

This is supposed to be a puzzle game with an action side to it. It builds on the puzzle version of Mario from the 90s where players match pieces of a puzzle to viruses and watch them clear off. Of course, the game would have been modernized with some contemporary elements to add a little bit of bounce to it.

There is also a social side to the game, allowing you challenge opponents online and also share in-game items.

For now, not much else is known of the game. By the announced launch date, though, everyone will have a chance to see what the new game is made of from their respective application stores.