ZTE nubia Z20 launches in new colour, brings black Friday discount

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ZTE came out with a revolutionary device in the nubia Z20, introducing what is a full screen on the back of the device too. When it did launch back in October, though, the device only has the Diamond Black colour on it.

In honour of Black Friday sales, the Asian OEM has reintroduced the phone in a new twilight Blue colour, and they will also be selling the phone for about $50 in select markets.

For now, the new colour is not in stores yet but available on preorders. All preorders will start shipping from the 2nd of December, and there’s a freebie attached too. For those who subscribe to the nubia mailing list after pre-ordering the unit, you get to pick up a free pair of Noobz Earphones which would have normally set you back about $15.

Smartphone Deals on Jumia

As a refresher, the nubia Z20 is blessed with 6.42-inch screen on the front and a second 5.1-inch screen on the back, carrying no front camera per se and using the rear cameras as a viewfinder for selfies instead. Interested buyers get to choose between options up to 8GB of RAM with the Qualcomm SD 855+ chipset under the hood. All that will be powered by a fairly impressive 40000mAh battery too.

Will you be getting the phone with these discounts on it?

Smartphone Deals on Jumia