ZTE gears up to launch its Red Magic 6S Pro in September

ZTE gears up to launch its Red Magic 6S Pro in September

Nubia technology, the brand behind ZTE phones, took a phone to the 3C for certification last week. Given the company’s promises and recent activities in the market, it stood to reason that they were preparing to introduce the Red Magic 6S Pro.

According to an official launch poster, the company has confirmed that this is indeed the device to be launched and it will hit the market on September 6. The device has always been launched in China, which also happens to be the biggest market for the brand.

Thus, this one will follow the same trend.

This year, ZTE continues with the winning philosophy of launching devices in partnership with Tencent.

Since these are gaming phones, it makes sense that they ride on the shoulders of the biggest gaming company to come out of China to hype up the capacities of the phone. It also shows that the phone is tested and trusted to deliver on the gaming front since it is endorsed by a gaming conglomerate.

There is nothing else on the poster to tell us anything about the specs of this device. Keeping to 2021 flagship standards, though, the phone should not pack anything less than a Qualcomm SD 888+ chipset paired with about 120Hz screen refresh rate and a massive battery plus impressive fast charging tech to match. Among other things, that is.