YouTube to rollout PiP mode to iOS users, limited to Premium subscribers for now

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Google is the champion of the Android world so it stands to reason that they will optimise for those users first. That is why we have had the picture in picture mode for the YouTube app – also owned by Google – since the days of the Android Oreo. However, the same mode had been teased but never made its way to iOS users yet.

Right now, the search engine giant has announced that they will commence a global rollout of the mode to iPhone and iPad users in the coming weeks. There is a twist to that piece of news, though.

Only YouTube Premium subscribers on iOS will get the feature for now. Google did confirm that the feature will eventually make it to non-premium subscribers, but we don’t have a timeline on that.

It is worthy of note that you don’t need the premium plan to watch YouTube with PiP on Android. Again, this is another way to favour the Android users since that is the platform which Google supports out of the box.

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